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Jimi Hendrix - 2.Version - Referat

Jimi Hendrix

My Outline:
1. Introduction
2. His early day
3. His life and his career
4. His Death
5. Personal comment


Today I want tell you something about the best guitar-player of the world it’s “Jimmy Hendrix”

2. His early days

Jimmy was born on the 27th of November in Seattle. He was a Afro American and had to live by his aunt in Canada, because his parents were divorced. When he was twelve he got his first Electric-Guitar. Three years later his mother died. In the same year he had to leave the school. When he was sixteen he played for one year in a rock’n’roll band, that was the start of his career. At seventeen he had to go to the army.

3. His life and his career

In 1965 (he was 23 then) he founded his first own band “Jimmy James And The Blue Flames”! They mainly played in clubs in Greenwich. After many good concerts he got his first manager. The manager’s name was Chas Chandler (he was the ex bass player from the Animals). Chas founded a new band for Jimmy the “Jimmy Hendrix Experience”. Even at this time he didn’t has any competitors, because he was the best, nobody played like him. All concerts of the “Jimmy Hendrix Experience” were sold out. He wrote history legendary number where he burned down his guitar on the stage. On another concert in Chicago he felt very bad and he destroyed his guitar on the stage. His fans loved him because of that. The year of 1967 was his best year, because he produced 4 Singles and 5 Albums. Two years later he left the “Jimmy Hendrix Experience” and played with Billy Cox in Woodstock. After the festival he took a little outtime. A year later (it was 1970) he played some solo concerts. He didn’t play the last concert of the tour on the 16th of September.

4. His death

At this night he was very stoned and he had sex with two American girls. On the next day he hadn’t any drugs at home. So he went into the next city to buy some drugs. When he was back at home he took the drugs. His girlfriend “Monika Dannemann” (she was from germany) found him in the bath. She phoned the Rescue and “Jimmy Hendrix” died in the hospital. Finally I want to say that his death was very mysterious and that no one knowas the truth.

5. Personal comment

I made this five minute talk about “Jimmy Hendrix”, because rock-music is my world and I want that everyone know who was the man who burned down his guitars on the stage and who played with his tongue.

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