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Jamaica, islands, in the Caribbean sea south of Cuba. Jamaica has a west East expansion of approximately 235 kilometers; the widest place measures approximately 80 kilometers. The total surface of the country amounts to 10 991 square kilometers. Kingston is capital and biggest city of Jamaica.
The country is mainly mountainous. Only in the south, a wider coast level stretches. A prominent mountain range runs through the entire island of west to east. The Blue Mountain Peak is in the Blue Mountains in the east of the island; with a height of 2 256 meters, he/it is the highest mountain of the West Indian islands
the middle month temperature in January 25 °C and in July 27 °C.
It belongs to Jamaica's wildlife how many Endemiten like the Jamaica ear owl are on all West Indian islands, an extremely diverse spectrum at bird types, under it. Parrots, Kolibris and the Jamaika-Todis belonging to the Rackenvögeln are far widespread.
Approximately 76 percent of the population Jamaica are furthermore Indians, Europeans and Chinese in the country, blacks lives u. a.. Lives somewhat more than the population's half in cities.
Jamaica has have 538 000 inhabitants approximately approximately 2,71 million inhabitants the capital Kingston. Wide bigger cities are Spanish Town (131 100) and Montego Bay, 83 400,
In Jamaica, compulsory school attendance of the 7 prevails. up to the 15. Year of life.
Monetary unit is the Jamaican dollar to 100 cents
Jamaica exports above all Tonerde, bauxite, sugar, rum, clothing and coffee.
Over 1,5 million tourists visit the island annually.

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