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Jamaica - Referat

Jamaica is the home of Reggae-music.
It is in the south-east of North-America. Its size is at about 10991 sqkm.
Jamaica is the 3rd big gust island of the Karibik.
The capital of Jamaica is Kingston.
Jamaica is a low country.
The weather there is between 40°C and 5°C.
There are 2,4 million inhabitants, 77% of them are coloured.
The protestant church has the strongest influence.
75% of the people are members. In the 1950s about 50% of the population of Jamaica lived there.
Although English is the official language, people speak a very dialect, called the “patois”.
Jamaican’s form of government is Parliamentary monarchy in the commonwealth and it is since 1962 independent from Britain.
The currency is the Jamaican dollar.
The important income spring is the extension of bauxite and the tourism.

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