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Jamaica - 2.Version - Referat


I have chosen Jamaica, because I like the Jamaican culture, religion and their music. Living in Jamaica is like a new feeling.

Jamaica is an island in the carebbean, south of Cuba. Its size is 80 kilometers in diameter and the entire surface is 11000 square kilometers. Kingston is the biggest town and it's the capital of Jamaica. The highest mountain is the Blue Mountain Peak, it is in the east of Jamaica and it is over 2000m high.
The length of the coast is 1000 kilometers.

In Jamaica the weather is tropical. The average-temperatur is 27C (degrees Celsius) but in the late summer there are tornados on the island. 3 Million people are living on the island. The main town has 500000 residents. About 76% of the population are black, most forfeathers of them were slaves.

Their culture is Rastafari. The African culture had a big influence on their culture.
About 60% of the population are smoking marihuana.
Another big part of their culture is Reggae. Reggae was made famous by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Until today Reggae has a big influence on the international pop and rockmusic.

The Jamaicans have a compulsory school attendance from 7 till 15.
5000 students were on the University of the West Indies.
Here are some of the famous Reggae artists:

Everybody should visit Jamaica, because it's like another world, their culture and their music are really great.

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