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J.K. Rowling - Referat

Joanne Kathleen Rowling
Joanne K Rowling was born in 31 July 1965 in Yate in England.
As she was six years old, she wrote her first history: it’s about a rabbit named “Rabbit” which becames measles (Mastern).
She has one little sister her name is Dianne. Her father, Peter Rowling is manager by Rolls-Royce.
Her mother, Anne Rowling died in 1990 with 45 years an incurable (unheilbaren) disease (Krankheit).
Joanne has read a lot of books and wrotes some histories about diamants and witches.
Her best friend Sean Harris is an example (Vorbild) from Ron Weasley in the second HP book.
Joanne wrotes since she is go by train to King Cross at the HP books.
As Joanne was 26 years old, she went to Portugal to teach English as foreign language, she gets to know (kennen lernen) a Portuguesen TV-journalist, Jorge Arantes, and married him one year later.
In July 1993 Joannes daughter Jessica Mitford was born. (Joanne was 28 years old).
Joanne gets a divorce (sich scheiden lassen) in November 1993.
1996 the Bloomsburg publication (Verlag) print the HP books. The first book of HP came out in 1997.
The first movie of HP was 2000 in the Cinema and the fourth would be in 2005 or 2006. In December 26th 2001, Joanne married a Scottish doctor, Neil Murray.
In March 2003 Joannes son David Gordon was born.

At first, Joanne was very poor, but now she is one of the riches womans and a celebrity (berümtheit) in England. The HP books was into 60 languages translate par example in French or in German.
She is always on the top #1 of the charts!

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