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Irland - Referat

1.general facts:
• Divided into 2 different countries:- Republic of Ireland
- Northern Ireland
• In past 1 country, only divided of the 2 religions
• 2 religions: N.I.: Protestants, R.O.I.: Catholics
• surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea
• important drinks : Guinness Beer, Whisky
• countryside: - very mild , wet climate
- Land of blue mountains, green forest parks, lonely moors, beautiful lakes
- rocky coastlines with white atlantic sense
- only small towns, fishing villages along the coast
- N.I. has border in South and west with R.O.I. 488 km
- people live from farming, fishing, ship building, engineering and tourists
- on streets lots of flocks of sheeps
2.Northern Ireland:
• also called Ulster
• area: 14.000 square km
• population: 1,6 mio (28% Catholics)
• consist of 6 counties
• speak Irish Gaelic (Celtic language)
• capitel: Belfast
• pay with British pound
• big cities: Armagh, Londonderry
• covernment is in London (in British parliament is secretary for N.I.)
• famous coast: Antrum Coast
• in centre Lough Neagh (largest freshwater lake)
• in South- East: Mourne Mountains with highest peak Slieve Donard (825m)
• on North coast: the Giants Causeway (unusual rock formation)
3.Republic of Ireland:
• other names: The Emerald Isle, Eire
• bigger part of I
• population: 3,5 mio (9.4% Catholics)
• capitel: Dublin
• big cities are : Dublin and Cork
• on the west side of Europe, its an Island
• only a small country is known all over the worl because in each countries are Irish prients
• lots of immigrants left I in the past
• country not very rich in money but in music, song, poetry
• people very friendly, love to talk
• Irish people like to sing, dance, make music
• Important musical instrument: harp (its also an national emblem in I)
• 26 counties
• Currency: Irish pound
• independent country since 1949
• own parliament in Dublin
• Language : English in own special way, difficult to understand, accent is strong, musicial
• fine lakes, attractive beaches
• 2 great rivers: Liffey on East coast, Shannon on West coast
• lots of farms, green counties not many factories
• rains very much
• land of Irish butter, Irish beer, good race horses
• manufacturing industry ( which makes linen): pharmaceutical, computers
• Guiness beer ( also stout beer): dark brown nearly black, no chemical only natural
• have brewed it in Dublin since 1759
• biggest brewery in Europe
• Ireland has its own whisky ( its made differently and written differently than
scotch whiskey, its lighter and smoother, made in distilleries
• other famous product: Waterford glass (crystal), Waterford in South East of I
• sports: rugby, football, Hurling, Gaelic football Huling, horse races
• cultural capitel of Europe since 1991
• steeped in tragic and glorious history
• On the East coast of I
• River Liffey runs throw Dublin
• Over 1000 years old
• important commercial centre
• lots of cultural monuments
• created by Vikings
• Sights,festivals : Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral (part of Dublin Castle), city wall, Trinity College ( there you can see the book of Kells), Custom House, the Four Courts, Parliament House, lots of grey stone houses, red brick Georgian town houses, national museum, Temple bar( it’s the medieval city centre), Phoenix Park ( beautiful park with deer every Sunday market and horse racings), every year in October the international theatre festival
• lots of bridges e.g.: O`Connel Bridge, unusual because almost square

• Population: 400 000
• Bright,grey side
• Bright side: lots of nice sights: St. Annes Cathedral, the City Hall( a great domed building of white Portland limestone was built in Renaissance style), Great Opera House, beautiful parks and gardens, The Botanic Garden, Dixon Park, Zoo, Belfast Castle, the hilly countryside around the city, Cave Hill ( the highest mountain in area)
• Grey side:- theres a fortfield wall to separate a Catholic ghetto from a Protestant ghetto
- this wall called Peace Line
- was built in the early 1970s
• The Titanic was built

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