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The Republic of Ireland, also called the green island, is 70.283 square km big and have a population around 3.5million people. The green Island in the northwest of Europe is famous for it beautiful scenery and the wild sea with the world-famous cliffs and lonely beaches.
The cliffs are formed by the wild sea from Ireland, more than 100years long.
The nice scenery have Ireland from the Golfstrom, he brings the Island sometimes very nice weather with lots of sun, but most of the time it rain lots of days and it´s not very hot. In the winter the weather is like here in Germany.
On the mountains in Ireland you can see very nice MOORE. The mountains of Ireland are most in North Ireland and in the southwest region from Ireland.
In Ireland the longest River is the Shannon, it starts in Leitrim in a very small town, how’s name is Dowra and finished in a city who also called Shannon near Limerick and than the river goes into the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of Ireland.

The history of Ireland is sad. At the first half in the 1900s was Ireland one of the country with the biggest population with around 6.8million peoples. After 120 years of hunger, because of the potato-epidemic, and immigration to the USA lived 1961 2.8million people in Ireland.

The people in Ireland are very friendly and helpfully. The typical Irish person has a white skin and red hair.
At the country are neighbours more than hundred meters distant from a house and the life there is very normal. Today comes many rich families from North Ireland to Ireland to built their big houses there cheap.

The old country language of Ireland is gaeltracht(=gällisch) but today people speak it not very often. Today they speak English.

Many families have more than 4 children, because for the catholic Irish people it was forbidden to use contraceptive.

The capital from Ireland is Dublin. Dublin is on the east coast and on the river Liffey, the river part the north and south part of the city. Dublin is the biggest city in Ireland. Every second Irish people live there, also in Dublin lives more than 1.500200 people.
The city is know for his very excellent university for example: Trinity College, Dublin City University, National University of Ireland and there are other cultural buildings: National museum, National Gallery, Abbey Theatre…
At 1992 is Dublin the capital of Ireland and the independent Republic of Ireland. The big city counted to the industrial metropolis of Europe. One of this industrial thinks is the Guinness storehouse. A visit to the home of Guinness is the high point of any trip to Dublin. You can visit Dublin by ship or plan.
And now its shopping time.

Dublin is a shopping paradise the part between O´Connel and Henry street is for people they have not so much money and for people how visit Dublin because you can buy something for your family or friends. But there are shops in the Grafton street and
Nassau street for people the have much money. When you are in Dublin you must go to the Temple Bar District because you can see art, trend shops and other interesting things.

But at the north Liffey-bank live the poor people with a unemployment rate over 2per cent. The people live there like in an Ghetto and many
teenagers have there contact with drugs and take it. Homeless people are in Dublin rarity. When you sit in a bus, the 2 floors busses like in London, most of the people are poor and have alcohol problems. Everywhere you can see young people where deals with drugs and smoke marijuana or take cocaine.

But you not just see homelessness or drunking people, you also can see in Dublin very good museums and the Trinity college, it´s one of the famoused colleges in the world. The Trinity College have a very old, famous and largest library in Ireland. The oldest books are from the sixteenth century. The bookstock is now over 4million volumes and there are extensive collections of manuscripts, maps and music.

In Dublin you can also visit the factory from one of the famoused export of Ireland, the famous beer Guinness.
Guinness is a very dark kind of beer. This beer is make in a storehouse in Dublin, it´s make from Arthur Guinness in 1756

in Dublin. Since 1759 Guinness is made in the St. James´s Gate in Dublin. In the Storehouse from Guinness you can see and learn more about the history and the herstellung from Guinness.
Guinness is made in 50countries but most from the beer is from Dublin.

It gives many kind of Guinness beer:
· Guinness “draught”, you can buy this kind of Guinness beer in big cask.
· “Canned” Guinness in tins, in it is a “floating Widget” so the nitrogen can be in it.
· Guinness “Extra Strout” is stronger than the “draught” Guinness so it can be in bottles.
· Guinness “Tropical Strout”, it´s also good when the weather is very hot.

The Guinness Book of Records is also from Guinness, it´s made because of a fight in a pub.

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