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Irland Alphabet - Referat

B Belfast
Belfast is the second-largest city on the island of Ireland and the capitol of Northern Ireland. It has a population of 277.000 habitants (2003). In Belfast you can see interesting old architecture buildings like the Queen's University, Albert Clock or the Belfast Castle.

C Countryside
Ireland has a very wonderful country side.
The Republic of Ireland, also called the green island, is 70.283 square km big and has a population around 3.5million people. The green Island in the northwest of Europe is famous for it beautiful scenery and the wild sea with the world-famous cliffs and lonely beaches

D Dublin
The capital from Ireland is Dublin. Dublin is on the east coast and on the river Liffey, the river part the north and south part of the city. It is the biggest city in Ireland. There live more than 1.500200 people. In a statistic that would be every second Irish people lives there. In Dublin you can go shopping very well, between the Grafton street and the Nassau street are the most popular and expensive shops. When you are in Dublin you must go to the Temple Bar District because you can see art, trend shops and other interesting things.
It is Dublin's cultural and for the tourists the nightlife is very popular.

H Hurling
Hurling is a team sport and it will be mostly played in Ireland.
The players use a wood stick called Hurley and one little leather ball.
The goal is it to have more points and goals than the other team. The field is like the soccer field and it is similar to hockey The game is one of the fastest games. There is a similar game for women called camogie.

I Irish coffee
Irish coffee was made-up by Mr. Joseph Sheridan.
He was the owner of a Restaurant, which was situated at an airport that is now the International Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland. The coffee, which was actually made by Joseph himself, had to be a welcome-drink for some trans-Atlantic travelers.
Years later, Stanton Delaplane, who opened the Buena Vista bar in San Francisco, brought the idea of Irish coffee to the USA.
He started to serve the coffee on November 10, 1952 and since then; Buena Vista has become famous for its delicious Irish coffee. Some say, that Stanton Delaplane is the real inventor of that drink.
A classic Irish coffee consists of hot coffee, sugar with double cream and of course real Irish whiskey. These things are whipped, until the coffee begins to become rigid and then you can enjoy the taste of an authentic, Irish coffee.

K Kelly family
The Kelly Family is in Germany, Belgium, Spanish, French and Irish living American-Irish Pop/Rock music group. The band had been famous, because everybody of the family done music, sometimes solo , but mostly in the Family-band.

M Music
Ireland is very famous for its traditional music. One of it is called “Celtic music”; it’s very traditional for Ireland, but also Scotland and Wales.
Every country has its own definition of playing and interpreting that kind of music.
The difference is, that Wales, Scotland…etc. have a strong influence of new-age songs. Irish music is very traditional and when
you visit an Irish concert or something like this, you can see and hear that they present their songs with pride and pleasure. It’s also very typical, that there are some people, who do “step dance” and give a show the last detail.
Other expressions for “Irish music” are also “Folk” or “world music”, which are used only sometimes.

N Northern Ireland
Ireland was divided in 1921, after the country fought for their independence from Britain.
In Northern Ireland live the most Protestants (45, 6%), its capital is Belfast and they have a population of 1.689.000.
Northern Ireland has been part of a violent and ethno-political conflict between Catholics and Protestants, who wanted Northern Ireland to remain a part of Britain.
The Catholics were hardly discriminated by the Protestants and when they wanted to demonstrate for their civil rights in 1968, the police stopped the cruel protest.
The conflict went on, while the Protestants tried to keep up their religion and don’t gave the Catholics any chance, the Nationalists tried to fight against them and chance politics. Even when British soldiers were sent to Ireland, trying to keep up just a little bit of peace, it did not work.But since signing the Belfast Agreement in 1998, the Catholics have declared their war to be over.

P Pub
An Irish pub is a bar, which is in his design and atmosphere very typical Irish.
In Ireland, Irish pubs are the central meeting point to talk, make music and have fun with other people.
Alcoholic drinks are mostly conventional Irish beer like “Stout”, or “Ale”.
The music, which is played in Irish pubs is usually live-music with artists , who play Irish and Scottish folk, Reggae…etc.; but there are also Open-Stage evenings, on which the guests can bring their instruments if they
want, and so all can play together.
But today, they also make many karaoke evenings, so you can see that the activities become a little bit more modern, but they still try to keep up their own traditions to make an Irish pub different from all the other pubs and bars in the whole world.

Riverdance Dance
The Irish dancing traditions are something very specific and you can say that they also base on traditional music.
Irish dance can be divided into two parts, the social dances and performance dances.
There are two ways of social dance: One is called céilí and the other is called set dancing.
The social dances are normally danced by couples.
The set and céilí dances are very traditional, but sometimes they find also new ways and variations to give it something special
Irish performance dancing is usually step dance. Since the world-famous show “Riverdance” has it become very popular.
Because of its fame, there are also step dance competitions in Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and North America.
Step dancers are generally characterized by a stiff upper body and their quick, but exact movements of their feet.

The tree-leaved shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. It was one of the symbols of St. Patrick.

St. Patrick was an Christian missionary and he is the patron saint of Ireland. 4/5. Jh. in Bannaventa Berniae in Wales; † 17. März 461 or 493

The Battle of the Boyne took place on July 1, 1690.
Near Drogheda (Ireland), William the third of England and James the seventh fought against each other, Protestants against Catholics.
On James side fought 25.000 people; 6000 French troops and 19000 Irish-Catholic troops.
But William had much more people on his side, English, Scottish, Dutch, Danish, Huguenot and Ulster Protestant troops fought for him, together it was a crowd of about 36.000 people.
So, as you can think of, the Battle of the Boyne was a real turning point of the Williamite war in Ireland, because King William won it.
As a result, it is one of the most famous battles in Irish and British history and very important for the Protestant Folklore.
Today the Battlefield has an Irish Government Interpretive Centre on it, which informs tourists and visitors about the battle.

(The) Verve
The Verve is an Irish Band from Wigan in Lancashire, who was formed in 1990.
The members are Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Peter Salisbury.
At the end of 1995, Simon Tong, who was an old school friend, joined the band.
The Verve had always known how good they can be and actually, they were right.
In 1991, they signed to Hut Recordings and were described as “The liquid essence of
Rock ‘n’ roll.” Their first singles were “All in the Mind”, “She’s a superstar” and “Gravity Grave” (1992) which reached the top of the Independent charts.
But their first single, which became really famous, was “Bitter Sweet Symphony” (1997). It entered the UK-charts at Number two and stayed around for three months.

Yeats, William Butler
William Butler Yeats was born on June 13, 1865 in Sandymount (Dublin) and he died on January 28, 1939 in Menton (France).
He was an Irish poet, dramatist, mystic and public figure.
At the age of twenty (about 1885), he started writing poems, which were called “The poetry of Sir Samuel Ferguson” and were published in the ‘Dublin University Review’.
All the first poems of Yeats were based on Irish wisdom, with Romantic style; but then, after several relationships with very modern poets like e.g.: Ezra Pound, his style became more modern and also a little bit “harder”.
But even if his style changed, he was described as an always inspired poetry, who gives spirit to the whole nation and in 1923; he got the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work.

Zoo of Dublin
In Dublin is the largest zoo in Ireland and one of Dublin's most popular attractions. Every Year over 500.000 people visit these attraction.
Founded in 1830 is the zoo the fourth oldest scientific zoo in the world. That makes the zoo very popular and proud.
At the beginning in the Zoo was 46 mammals and 72 budgies, now there lives more than 235 species of wild animals. The zoo is very proud of the much international programs, with them they helps poor zoo’s and to save endangered species.
The area is about 26 hectare

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