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Ireland - Referat


- island west from England
- 70000 square meters huge
- mainly green landscapes (-> shamrock)
- many national parks

- first settlers in the Stone Age
- Celts brought the Iron Age
- christianized by St. Patrick in the fifth century
- 1169 conquered by the Normans
- 1845-1855: many Irish emigrated to the USA because of a famine
- 6th december 1921: Ireland became independent because of military and political arguments with England
-18th april 1949: Ireland left the Commonwealth

Latest policy:
- ban on smoking as the first European nation
- George W. Bush visited Ireland for 18 hours

- pubs: important; in little towns for having social contact; you can drink, eat and dance there
- language: English, Gaelic language, both spoken in Ireland
- food: a lot of meat and special cheese
- drinks: Glen Grant ( famous Irish Whiskey)
Bailey´s ( Irish cream used to flavour coffee,etc.)

National symbols:
- shamrock
- round towers
- high crosses

Famous Irish people:
- Pierce Brosnan
- Colin Farrell
- Eddie Irvine ( former F1 driver)
- Ronan Keating
- Brian Mc Faddan
- U2

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