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Inverness Chronicle - Referat

Duncan’s death – heir apparent too greedy?

Inverness - The King of Scotland, majesty Duncan, was killed last
night. He visited an old friend, the Thane of Cawdor and Thane of
Glamis, known as nobleman Macbeth, as the murderer stabbed the
King to death during the night. The body was found by a royal
servant in the next morning. He reported
that “the whole bed was crimsoned because
of the big blood puddle”. The assassin
could not be caught. Hence the discussions
who could be the murderer have
achieved exceeding dimensions.
On one hand people denunciate
the royal guards, on the other
hand people say that the killer
was hired and had help from a
federate of the majesty. But it is
rumoured that Duncan’s two sons,
Malcolm and Donalbain, are the
suspects of the inner confidantes
of the King. The cause: The heir
apparent Malcolm and his younger
brother Donalbain vanished into thin air.
Did they kill their father? We don’t know until
they appear and give us an answer. The Scottish
people are entitled to know who killed our King Duncan.

Rare regicide
Inverness – Today Scotland is in a state of shock. Our King Duncan was murdered while he was sleeping. What a horrible deed made by a bloody coward! This incomprehensible perfidiousness brings us to the conclusion that the killing was planned long time before. Nevertheless the idea of murdering Duncan is very complicated due to the fact that our King was a careful and mistrustful nobleman. Thus, he had his own guards watching over him all the time – especially during the night! That’s why we can simply assume that the assassin had help from a federate of the King. Otherwise the whole deed could not be explained. But which Scottish man would support the killing of King Duncan? Sincerely Robin MacRawls

Unknown stabs the King - Interview
with the castle gate keeper Dexter
Inverness – The King
is dead. Did you know
what happened?
night I heard
an unusual sound. It sounded like somebody strike the bell. Thereupon I heard some noises which reminded me of a murder. Already at that point I had a bad feeling. Something was wrong. The next morning I have
heard that the king was killed. What a mess.

Did you notice some
mysterious happenings?
-One time it was by the clock
day but the darkness comes
over the castle. Then on
Tuesday last week I saw a
falcon was attacked and killed
by an owl. This is unnatural.
And moreover  a rumor was
a float that Duncan’s horses
have eaten up themselves.

Who do you think put the king
to death?
-To my mind Malcolm and
Donalbain, Duncans sons, are
the prime suspects, because
otherwise why should they
Who will be the next king?
-Nevertheless, it is quite
evident. Macbeth, the
courageous and ambitious ,
becomes our new king.

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