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Interpretation - "Land down Under" von Men at Work - Referat

The song “Land Down Under” is written by „Men at Work“ (1981). It is written about a man who travels around the World. He tells everybody he meets about his motherland, Australia. In the following I will interpret the text.

In the firs verse he sings about his journey. He loves, same as almost every Australian the “fried-out combie” which means an old VW bus. That demonstrates how nostalgic the Australian people sometimes are. When he sings,”Head full of zombies” He means that he is high. In the desert, probably the Outback, a strange lady “takes him in and give him breakfast”. In fact there is written that the woman takes him in, and did not just gave him breakfast. I guess that should show how friendly the Australian people to stangers are. The first verse finishes that the lady starts to say, what is the second verse about.

She asks him whether he comes from the land down under, she means Australia. Then she starts to describe it: “Where the women glow,” this could mean that the women glow because of their suntan.
“Can´t you hear the thunder; you better run you better take cover” is a warning at the end of every chorus.

In the third verse he is in Brussels.When he asks if the lage man understands him he earned a smile and a Vegemite sandwich. Probably the author would like to tell in this line, that everyone would notice it, when someone is from Australia. The man also comes from Australia and says his description of Down Under: “Where beer does flow and men chunder”.

Now he lies in a Den, which is a room in which u can consume drugs, in Bombay. In this room there is another guy with a “slack jaw and not much to say”. The singer says: “Are you trying to tempt me because I come from the land of plenty”. I thik that this line sounds very arrogant and self convinced. He means that Auatralia is rich in value. It also shows that the Austarlian love their country.

The song ends with three times Chorus. This part is meant to be a warning. The people all around the World advised him not to get too self-confidant. He should take caution because it is almost too late “Can´t you hear the thunder” and he should better take over back home “You better run you better take cover”.

I personally think that the lyrics I written very well with a lot of ulterior motives. The song reflects the Australian spirit in the 80´s.

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