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Inhaltsangabe fuer das Drama "A Doll's house" von Henrik Ibsen - Referat

Plot summary

A Doll’s House - Henrik Ibsen

The Drama “A Doll’s House” written by Henrik Ibsen in 1879 tells the Story of a woman who has a problem because she lend much money years ago to save her husband’s life without his knowledge, and now fears that her husband will find out about everything because of unexpected events involving her friend Christine and Nils Krogstad, the man she lend the money from. Through These events Nora finds out that she has been nothing more than a toy in a playhouse.
The play is divided into 3 acts. In the first act mainly the people in the play are introduced to the viewers. Among the group are Nora, her husband, her friend Christine, the doctor, Krogstad, and the Nurse. By the end of the first act the problem of the story has arrived, which has to be solved through out the play then: Nora is set under pressure by Krogstad, the man she lend money from years ago to save her husband’s life without his knowledge.
In the second act her problem is increasing because she cannot stop her husband to fire Krogstad, who then makes his threat true and puts a letter in the mailbox with all the secret information.
In the third act the whole affaire is coming out and the problem is solves, but instead of a happy end, the protagonist Nora finally realizes - after the reaction of her husband, - that she does not really love him anymore and leaves him.
The play so has a woman as main character and deals with the society in the late 19th century and its marriage norms.

In the very beginning of the play the scene shows the inside of a house with some signs for the coming Christmas event. Nora, the protagonist of the story, and her husband Torvald Helmer, are having a conversation about money, because Nora again wants to have more money. The atmosphere between these two is very good though and to the viewers of the play they would seem like a happy couple having an usual discussion before a normal Christmas. Helmer gives nicknames to Nora like “squirrel”, “little spendthrift”, “little girl” or “little singbird”.
Then they are interrupted by two visitors: Helmet goes into another room to welcome his friend, a doctor, and Nora is lucky to see her old school friend Christine Linde again, who she hasn’t met for 10 years. Christine came to ask for a job at the bank of Nora’s husband, because her husband and everybody else she cared about has died and she doesn’t have a job anymore. Now she seeks her friends to use her influence of Helmet, who is the manager of that bank.
After a usual talk about how the things are doing Nora and her friend are telling each other about the most important things that happened in the last years and so Nora tells Christine a secret.
As Christine already knew, Nora and her husband did have to travel to Italy, because of Helmer’s sickness that he had a few years ago. Then, they didn’t have enough money to save Helmet’s life, but - as the public believes - they were lucky as just at that time Nora’s father died and that was how they got the needed money for the trip to Italy to save Helmer’s life.
But now, Nora tells to Christine that not every part of this public story is true. In fact, Nora’s father didn’t give any money to them. Indeed, she had to lend the money secretly from a admirer and work hard in the next years to give the money back - all by herself and without telling anyone, especially without the knowledge of her husband, which makes her a bit proud today. Now the viewer knows, that she didn’t use all the money that she gets from Helmet for herself, but has to save it to give it back. Although this trouble she assures to Christine that she loves her husband and her wonderful life and that she is very happy.
Then there is a new interruption and another visitor -Krogstad, a lawyer who works for Helmet- wants to see Helmer to talk to him about some business affairs.
So the two women talk to the doctor and later to Helmet and get to know each other.
But after a while, Christine has to leave to find a room to stay and the doctor, Helmet and Christine are leaving with her.
As Nora wants to care of her children suddenly and unexpected Krogstad appears which doesn’t make Nora happy. She answers short to his questions as he wants to know what Christine’s purpose of her stay is, and the atmosphere between them seems to be cold. The situations gets even more serious because Krogstad sets Nora under pressure. He wants her influence her husband so that he is able to stay at his position the bank and he doesn’t want Christine Linde to get his job.
As it is he whom she owns the money he threatens her to otherwise tell her man about this affaire. Krogstad found out that Nora faked her
father’s signature on the contract und so made it incorrect and now, as a result of that, has her in his hands.
As the second act begins it is still the same scene, but now it is the Christmas day. First, usual things are going on: Christine comes to help Nora with her dress and Nora tries to get more money from her husband who does of course not know, that she already has a dress. Then, Nora’s problem is increasing by the fact that her husband Torvald is about to fire Krogstad. She tries everything to change his mind, but it is already too late and Helmer sends Korgstad’s dismissal. As her husband goes back to work after the discussion Nora is alone with the new visitor: it is the doctor and good friend Rank, who wants to talk to her. He is about to die because of his sickness and their talk becomes very intimately. Nora wants to ask him for a big prove of his friendship and he unexpectedly assures her his deeply and inexpressibly love to her.
But their conversation is interrupted by the maid who tells them about a man waiting for her and not going away. Nora goes to look who it is and it turns out to be Krogstad who wants an explanation of his dismissal. Not knowing what to do Nora is almost panicking when Krogstad really makes his threat true and drops a letter in the postbox with every information for Helmet about the money affair and with the threat that he wants to have a higher position in the bank or he will inform the public.
Afterwards the man leaves and Nora is almost crying and hopeless looks into her future. Sadly she tells her friend Christine about everything, who just thinks that this is the best thing to happen.
The whole evening Nora tries to persuade her man not to open the mail box and holds the holy shine that everything is okay and she is happy. That’s how the second act ends.

The third act starts with a talk between Christine Linde and Nils Krogstad. The viewers experience that these two know each other and had a former relationship, which broke up many years ago though. But because Christine is withed now she wants to try a new start with him. He indeed is delighted and wants to take his letter back, but Christine stops him. She wants the truth to come out. This talk was secretly, so Krogstad is leaving quickly as Helmet and Nora are arriving from the dance.
Later in the evening Nora and her husband are alone and he opens the letter. First, he gets very angry with his wife as he realizes their situation and makes plans about how they would separate without anybody noticing it. Then, another letter from Krogstad arrives and it withdraws all the things in the first letter and they are rescued. Torvald is happy know and allows his wife to forget about the whole thing now. Everything seems to be good again…but now Nora realizes how wrong their relationship is. Although she could be happy now, her problem is resolved, she decided to leave her husband for ever. The story gets a completely new direction in the last part of the third act. The viewer believes the problem is solved, but actually the money affair hasn’t been the actual problem, as everybody till then probably believed, but instead the wrong and insincere relationship between Nora and her husband based on many lies for so many years. For Nora it has been more like a doll’s house than a real home with love and although Nora’s husband is very upset and tries to persuade Nora to stay he cannot change her mind. The fact, that Torvald would not have put all the shame for her mistake on himself, has opened her eyes and has make her realize that she is not in love with him anymore. In the end so, the situation has completely changed and Torvald Helmet is alone there is his house and doesn’t have a wife anymore.

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