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Industrial Revolution - Referat

Industrial Revolution

The traditional rotation system
*three fields
*you can use only 2 fields at the same time
*2 fields for wheat and barley, one to
fallow land

The Norfolk Four- Course Rotation system
*four fields
*you can use 3 fields at the same time
*3 fields for wheat, barley and turnips,
one for clover
*more effectiv
*natural fertilizer
* quality of the products doesn't get bad

*Turnips and clover restore nutrients in the
ground, food for the animals
animals produce manure which fertilizes the land)
*Wheat and barley takre nutrients from the soil,
food for the people

*at first Three- field system:
animals didn't get much nutrients, stayed small
*farmers introduced Norfolk Four- Course Rotation
~four different plants (turnips, wheat, barley and
~ animals ate more -> got more nutrients
-> got bigger -> had more meat
-> farmers earned more money

--> Productivity increased !

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