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Indiana - Referat

The subjekt of my talk is Indiana, this is a state in the US.
The name Indiana means the land of the Indians. The nickname of the state is hoosier state.
This is the flag. It has a blue background colour and nineteen yellow stars.
The stars represent Indiana's place as the 19th state to join the United States
The star in the middle stands for Indiana. The other stars stand for the original 13 colonies.
Indiana is in the North-East of the United States.The neighbour states are Michigan in the North,Ohio in the West,Kentucky in the South,and Illinois in the East. The Ohio river is the border to Kentucky and Indiana is one of the Great Lake states.
Indiana has a population of about six million and three hundred thousand and the size of the state is over ninety-four thousand square kilometers.
This is as big as Bayern.
Indiana is one of the states who has two time zones: The Eastern standard time and the Central standard time.
Hoosier Hill is the highest point of Indiana with three hundred and eighty-three meters.
On this picture is the highest waterfall of Indiana, at it you can see that the country is very flat
The biggest cities are Fort Wayne, Evansville and the Capital Indianapolis.
Indianapolis is the thwelfth largest city of the USA.
Another name for Indianapolis is The Crossroads of America, because there are the most highways of the United States.
The Monument Circle is a famous sight in the middle of Indianapolis, it shall remember of the people who died in the civil war. And Indianapolis is well known for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the Formula One takes place once a year.
I think the city is very interesting, because there are a lot of sights and many stores to go shopping. The countryside of Indiana is beautiful, too.
I hope you liked my presentation about Indiana. Do you have any questions?

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