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India - 2.Version - Referat


India is a country in south Asia and its with a population from about 1.29 billion people the second biggest country after china. India is at the border from Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan and bangladesh. The name India comes from the river Indus.The european people who arrived by boat they called this country also India so it's a very old name.
India is with a area of 3287490 square cilometres the seventh largest country of the world. The border in the north is the Himalaya with the highest mountains in the world. In the south and east of India its districtet by the Indian Ocean. The atmosphere in India specially in the south can be very hot like about a week ago there were about 40 degrees! But the Indian nature is very beautiful like nowhere else.
Most of the Indian people aren't earning so much money like we german. The majority is working in the cotton Industry, they are producing our clothes what we can buy very cheap. A big problem in India is the child labour. Many children can't go to school because the are working hard and want to earn money for their family. Actually all people are Hindus.So most parents arrange marriages for their children. They write an advert for the newspaper like we write them when we want to sell something. For us this sounds very crazy but in India it's normal.
Indias Industry is straight growing up they export there articles all over the world and they are big rivals of Germany and th other Industrie states. It's enormous how fast this country is growing.
All in all I would say India is beatiful country with many different people and different cultures. I have chosen this topic because I am very interested in India and I've never been there. I think when I'm older i'll may take a trip to India

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