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Import und Export Australien - Referat

Today I tell you something about export, import and about the wage evolution in Australia
And now I begin with export

The coal is in Australia at the first rang of the export goods, with a slice of 12% of the total export. The most of the coal is export from the big mines in central Queensland. But also the mining district in Newsouthland donít serve only fort he care of Australien iron ore smelting and fort he energy winning, rather they claim also the export installment. At the second rang ist he export of gold withn slice of 7%, follow of wool with 6% after that come iron ore of from the big mining district in the Pilabara-Region in Westaustralia with 5% and aluminium oxid with also 5%.

Now Iím going to tell you something about the import in Australia.

At the importation take the production of the mechanical engineering and of factory construction a good rang withn slice of 33%. After that follow the transport equipment with a slice of 16%. Chemical agent and mineral oil have a importation of 12%. Crude metall has only a importation of 5%.

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