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Ideals of beauty in the early history - Referat

Presentation: Ideals of beauty

Every culture has its own beauty ideal and every period of history held it own standards on what is considered beautiful.
For example in China they like small feet and a white skin, like gaischas. , or in some states of Africa they like plump bodys, because they think if you are fat its better for you to become babys.

Early history
At this time, the ideal of beauty was to look like a rich and someone who had not to work, and this way the only chance to look like this was to reach this 4 most important points I have collected for you.
- White skin
- White hair
- Plump body
- Tall

It understands itself automatically, not all women could look like this. But there were aids, for example: wigs, high shoes, make up and sometimes they wore more than 2 dresses one upon the other!

By the way..
In the 16. and 17. Century most artist painted their models naked. But unfortunately I couldn’t find a reason for that.

Conflicting to the 4 most important points they wore corsets
To accentuate their waists, hips and

These corsets caused also as a reason of
Health problems, for example breathing
And digestion.

You know if you wore a corset the hole day long, soon all your organs will be compressed, your breathing is slower and you cant really eat something.

This was my presentation to the Topic : Ideals of beauty in the early history
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