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Houscat - Referat


Cats are the individualists among all pets.
Although they are not as accessible as other animals, they have long overtaken dogs and all other pets on the scale of popularity. All present day cats are descendants of feral cats.
Cats had been domesticated longer than 4000 years ago by the andient Egyptians.
There are more than 40 different kinds of cats. Cats are populšr pets. Cats are very independent, but still they need to be fed regularly.
Although they allow us to feed them, they have still their hunting instincts.
The catís claws serve to catch and hold the prey.
The sharp, curved claws are exposed for climbing, fighting and hunting.
The catís teeth are suited for biting rather than for chewing. With its sharp teeth the cat can kill small animals with a single bite. Cats can see at night exelently, by day humans can see mutch better.
Cats hearing is very sensitive. A cat is able to move its
ears independantly, separately as to be able to concentrate simultaneously on several noises.
The sense of smell plays an important role in the catís daily search for
food. The whiskers are extremely sensitive.
With them they probe for obstacles and to recognize changes in their surroundings.
The lifespan of the domesticated cat lasts approximately 15 years .

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