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Homelessness - 3.Version - Referat


Homelessness is a serious issue and nobody should be casual about it. It could happen to everyone anyday and people should realize that and treat homeless people the way, they wish they would be treated in their position. Yet today, most of the people are against homeless people and have prejudices against them, for example, homeless people are all uneducated, do not want to work and are addicted to substances. These prejudices are complete nonsense and in my opinion the population should be made aware of that.

To begin with, homeless people become homeless by choice or by the circumstances of their life. A family crisis, just like an illness or a divorce, can be enough to end up being without an own home. Some more reasons are, for example, unemployment and abusive relationships, where the person has no other chance. In most cases, women flee with their children and become homeless, because there is no other way out. In fact, those families are the fastest growing group underneath the homeless. Children take up between 20-30% of them.

However, there are a lot of prejudices against the homeless. Those prejudices outline how aggressive and how they are too “lazy” or not educated enough to work.
As a matter of fact, not a single one is right. In truth, homeless people are mostly victims of crime and not perpetrators and they are one of the least threatening groups of our society. Also 30% of the homeless is either employed full- or halftime, which counters the prejudices of laziness. What is more, almost every homeless has attended or even graduated high school and some even got into college.

Knowing that homeless are not bad human beings, there are few ways how we could help them. One simple step would be to donate food, clothes or even money to homeless shelters. Another step would be, getting the population to stop being against the homeless and treat them like junk. Last but not least, the government needs to open more shelters for them and also offer homeless people more job opportunities.

To sum up, homeless people are not as bad as they seem to be, they are humans just like every single person on this planet. We should all try to help them and stop being against them, because they can not almost do nothing against being homeless. It is just how life turned out for this people and they should not be judged for that.

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