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Homelessness - 2.Version - Referat

1) Worldwide homeless people:

The number of homeless people worldwide is estimated of more than 630 million.

2) catastrophes:

In recent times, many people became homeless, because of catastrophes like hurricane Katrina. Still some weeks after hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orlenans, 4500 people are still searching for relatives, and many people are ended up on the street, owning nothing but their life.

3) Most homeless people are
extremely poor, and are
estranged from their families
and other social networks.
Many of the adult homeless are chronically mentally ill,
alcoholics or drugs abusers.
Today´s homeless are relatively young, and they include a large
number of women and children.

4) Homeless Kids:

The number of street kids is increasing every year, and so does the number of runways kids. These kids often had trouble with their parents and therefore they tear out. Often they get in contect with drugs and drawn into a vicious circle.

5) Homelessness is not only a problem of the Third World, but also rich and developed countries. In the US, about
750 000 people are homeless every night, and two million experience being homeless for some time. It is estimated that in Europe six million were without shelter last winter. A lack of affordable housing due to low income, rising unemployment and increased single-family housing lead to homelessness in Great Britain. The British goverment tries to find solutions.

6) Help!

Some help for the homeless comes from the private sector, principally from churches, operating shelters and hotels, and distributing free clothing. Aid is also provided by charibable organizations.

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