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History of Nirvana - Referat

The History of nirvana and Kurt Cobain

In the year 1987 the two school friends Kirst Novolselic and Kurt Cobain found a band, as they met the drummer Chad Channings they named the band Nirvana and got a agreement by Sub Pop in Seattle. In 1989, their first album “Bleach” came out. Also in the same year, Kurt met Curtney Love in a Club in Portland and felt in love with her. Afterwards, the band Nirvana started their first Tourney through Europe. Also they changed the drummer. Dave Grohl became a new member in the band. In 1991, they produced their second album “Nevermind” and became very famous. It is world wide one oft the most successful album. Their first single “smells like teen spirit” got the first place in the music-charts. This single also had a background. Kurt ‘s girlfriend had a perfume, which named “teen spirit”. Kurt hated the perfume, he smelled like that, because he had a lot of body-contact with her. And as his girlfriend even wrote “Kurt smells like teen spirit” on the wall Kurt had the idea for the song. In 1992, Kurt married Courtney in Hawaii and in the same year they got a daughter.
She was named Frances Bean. In the same year, the third album “Incesticide” came out. In 1993, the fourth album “in Utero” followed. They got a new guitarist “Pet Smear” and started the world-tourney, but it must early be finished, because Kurt became ill. After their worldtour, Kurt and his wife flight to Rome, where Kurt were try to kill his self with to much drugs. His wife and the members of the band persuaded him for a therapy, but after a week, he gave it up. At the 5th of April Kurt Cobain killed himself in his house in Seattle by taking an overdose drugs and shooting with a gun trough his mouth. After three days, his body was found by an electrician. There were a lot of murder- theory’s. One was, that Courtney Love, who even was depressive, engaged a murderer, who killed Kurt. After Kurt’s death the band Nirvana also won a lot of prices like the Grammy or the American Music Award. Today every year Mtv makes a Nirvana special at the 5th of April.

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