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History of Hollywood - Referat

History of Hollywood

Hollywood is a borough of Los Angeles ( L.A.) in California, one of 51 states of the United States of America. You find it on the west coast at the Pacific Ocean.
Hollywood is the Centre of the American film industry and it’s famous in the whole world.

The place “Hollywood” was founded in 1887 by the family Wilcox. Hollywood presented ideal conditions for movie industry. For example: the sunny climate and the ocean, the mountains and the desert are in neighbourhood.
David Horsley opened the first movie studio in the year 1911 and in 1912 the first movie was shot by Cecil B. De Mille. Other producers like Samuel Goldfish, William Fox or Carl Lämmle made Hollywood to the movie capital. Hollywood Boulevard and Vinestreet were at that time the centre of Hollywood and so made American history.

The Hollywood Sign – It’s more than just nine white letters spelling out a city’ s name. In 1923 the Hollywood Sign was built. First the inscription read “ Hollywoodland”, but 1945 the letters were shortened to Hollywood. The Hollywood Sign was first a kind of publicity and it was only planed for one and a half year. The letters are 15 metres high and 137 metres long and cost 21.000 $. 4000 light bulbs shine every night on Mount Lee in the Griffith Park.

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