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Hispanic Immigrants to the USA - Referat

Hispanic Immigrants in the USA – History Part
Immigration in the colonial period
- As Columbus discovered America in 1492, first European immigrants came as new settlers to the USA
- There were three big groups:
- The Spain (settled in the end of the 19th century mostly in today´s California);
San Francisco, Los Angeles etc. show that the first settlers came from Spain a few centuries in the past
- The French: came from Illinois to Detroit to Louisiana: cities have a French translation: e.g. Detroit = strait (in German Meerenge)
- English: Massachusetts
Immigration from 1776 until 1849
- 1845 – 1849: Second immigrationwave: Millions of Irish came because of a famine (Hungersnot) and the revolution failed
- With exception of the approximately 10,000 Mexican miners who entered California during the Gold Rush, migration from Mexico was very light during most of the 19th century, averaging no more than 3,000 to 5,000 persons per decade in the period between 1840 and 1890.
- Latino immigrants to the U.S. occurred during the California Gold Rush, or just after most of the modern boundary between the U.S. and Mexico was established at the end of the U.S.-Mexican War (1846-48).
Immigration from 1924 until 2003
- 1921 + 1924: The laws “Emergency Quota Act” and “Immigration Act” were complied a quote -> Security for immigration of white settlers
- Ammount of new settlers were reduced to 2% from each country
After World War II
- Emigration mostly from Europe because oft hat reason
- It was difficult because of the Quotes
- Relief in 1965: per request these items: family background (where do you come from), religion, questions on the family mixture
- Since 1978: Quote is for the whole world -> immigrants from Europe decreased rapidly
- Until the 1990´s over 10 million people immigrated to the USA
- Until 2003: 463.204 people got the American citizenship through immigration

1950: 4 millions of Hispanics
1970: 9 millions
1980: 15 Millions
2003: 45 Millions
50,5 millions Hispanics live in America, 1/6 from the total population
Reasons for leaving the home country: raising crimination, bad economy, corruption, gang
war of drug cartels, hope of better living conditions in USA,
Do work as seller, harvesters and construction workers
But: 3000 kilometer long electronic-fence between Mexico and the USA, large number of cross-protect
Tractor-bounds cost now 2500$, 80s 700$
Right now racism, hispanics are unwanted “take away working places and study places
Even if some Hispanics are living there for years, if the go register themselves, they might get deported. In the last three years there had been millions of deportation, which are supported by the republicans.
Right now many Hispanics return to their home country. The number of illegal immigrants sinks. For example in 2010 it only had been 100.000 illegal immigrants.
Right now the economy from Mexico increases , many companies like Mercedes, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Tefla or VW produces cars there
Many suppliers follow them into mexico and as a consequence there are many workplaces
For home comer: Loans (if they want to make a little company on their own for example);
education programs; and voting

In 2020 from the total population will be 25% hispanics.

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