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Hilton Waikoloa Village - Referat

Hilton Waikoloa Village

Hello ladies and gentlemen. What I want to do today is to tell you something about the Hilton Waikoloa Village. If there are any questions, please stop me at any time, and I will be happy to answer them. My presentation is divided into
 Firstly I want to give you a short introduction about the general facts.
 Secondly Iīll try to describe the rooms.
 Than I will go on with the special offers of the hotel
 My next point are the restaurants
 At least I make a short overview

Letīs start with some general facts.
The Hilton Group plc. owns all the Hilton hotels in the USA. There is also a subcompany which is called the Hilton international. There are about 400 Hilton hotels in about 70 countries. Today I talk about a Hotel of the Hilton Group plc.. On Hawaii there are 3 Hilton hotels two of them are on Honolulu and one on Waikoloa. Waikoloa is in the south east of Hawaii. The hotel has got 4 stars and it is a very exclusive hotel. The area of the hotel is about 25ha. It has three towers, which are called the Lagoon Tower, the Ocean Tower and the Palace Tower. The hotel has his own lagoon, where you can swim with the dolphins, some swimming pools, a spa- fitness centre, some golf courses, a tennis court, international restaurants and some shopping facilities.

Now, I will go on with the rooms.
The rooms of the three towers are about 49qm big. These are the smallest rooms of the hotel. You can choose between a view of the garden, the mountains, the sea or the golf course. The standard rooms of the hotel are 162qm and they all have a balcony. Here you can also choose of rooms with different views, but there is one more view than in the tower rooms you can also have a standard room with an ocean view. Every room has an electronic door lock, a safe, an accessible wardrobe, some Kolaha spa-articles, a coffee machine, a flat iron, an ironing board, a minibar and pay-tv. But the rooms are also offer some special things like paddles and air conditioner. All rooms are handicapped accessible and there are also non-smoking rooms available. There are also suites in this hotel. There are four types of suites, but the most interesting typ of suite in these hotel are the president suites. Every president suits has his own theme. In the three towers there are 34 suits. They are also equipped with the same things like the standard rooms.

Thatīs are the rooms and now the special offers.
There are three swimming pools in the hotel area. The Kona pool at the lagoon tower has his own waterfall, one exciting water slide for children, whirlpools, a water volleyball location and a sand area for children. The Kohala pool near by the ocean tower is made up of some small pools with a light drift. This pool provide some small water slides and one whirlpool. The hotel also has two own golf courses they are called the kings golf course and the beach golf course and both have 18 holes. The Kings golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Junior and the Beach golf course was designed by Jay Morrish. On the hotel area there is also a putting green with 18 holes You can also take some golf lessons with a pro. The golf courts are near by the ocean. Another special thing of this hotel is the Kohala sports and spa club. The sport and spa are is about 2000qm big. There you can choose between some types of massages like the seaweed or the Lomi Lomi massage, some therapies like the balneo therapie, a Turkish steam bath, a finish sauna and many other things. There are also some advisers, who can make your own fitness or spa
program. The hotel is very famous for his beauty salon and his cardiovascular program. This recreation area is opened from Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.. But the most interesting thing in this hotel is that it has his own lagoon with dolphins. Children can learn swimming with dolphins. There are some swimming teachers, which attend the children during the swimming lessons.

So I will tell you some details about the restaurants of the Waikoloa Hilton hotel.
There are nine different hotels, but there are two very interesting restaurant, which are called Donatoniīs and Imari. This hotel is the most romantic hotel on the hole island. You can also sit on the balcony with an amazing view of the ocean. This restaurant has four dinning rooms and they can also be used for wedding dinners and other things. Donatoniīs is an Italian restaurant, but you can hear it on the name. You can pay cash or by credit card. The Imari hotel is a typical Japanese restaurant. They offer things like Shabu-Shabu, Teppanyaki or you eat sushi from the sushi bar. In this restaurant you must be dressed up in your evening robe. The last thing at the food and beverage facilities, which I want to talk about is the Orchid café. It is directly situated at the Kona pool. There you can eat things like a hamburger, fresh fish and salads. They also offer special meals for children.

You can make excursions to the other Hawaiian Islands like Hawaii itself. You can go there by ship or by helicopter.On the Hawaii island you can visit the Kilauea volcano. The Hawaiian Islands are also called the volcano islands, because they are build off volcano ash. This volcano is the biggest volcano in the world. The most popular sport on the islands is surfing. So you can make an excursion to the beach and learn surfing with a teacher of on your own. It must be very interesting to learn it on your own.

At least I make an overview of my presentation.
The Waikoloa Hilton hotel is a very exclusive and fascinating hotel. The hotel is on an Hawaiian island which is called Waikoloa. It is a four star hotel with three towers and three different types of rooms. It has got three swimming pools and nine restaurants. Children can learn swimming with dolphins in the hotel own lagoon. There are also two golf courses and one putting course.

I thing it must be an impression for your life to go to this hotel. You have view of the breathtaking ocean and you can also see the beautiful white sand beaches. Itīs a hotel for every one children have there own area, adults can do sports or for the lazy one there is the spa area.
Thank you for you attention and I hope it was an interesting presentation.

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