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Hello Kitty - Referat

About Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty is a kind of cat. She was born in 24th of April 1974. The designers say that her weight is about three apples and she is tall like five apples. Hello Kitty is good at baking cookies, making pancakes for friends, Origami and at shopping with and for friends. She likes to eat apple pie from her mother and go travelling, listening to music, eat cookies and going on adventures. In school she is very good at English, French, history, art and music.
She have no mouth and a little accesoires/bow on her left ear. Most of her things a pink or baby blue. After a time she began to be a temporary fashion, because lots of stars and celebrities began to wear jewellery, fashion and other stuff from her.

The History of Hello Kitty
The history of Hello Kitty started in the year 1974, when a Sanrio designer (Shimizu Ikuko) create her. At first she was just a little cat, which is sitting down and have a little red bow on her left ear. After a time she began to be an instant star in Japan.
Then her inventor gave her it´s name “Hello Kitty” out of the book” Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” from Lewis Carroll.
In the year 1975 Hello Kitty became a family (for example a mother and a father, her twins sister Mimmy) and a view years later (1979) she gets a grandma and a grandpa. Also she gets more and more friends, like Tippy, Joddie, Tiny Chum and Cathy.
Since then more than 15 new collections with different topics where created.

The History of the combine Sanrio
Sanrio was founded by Mr. Shintaro Tsuji as the Yamanashi Silk Company in 1960. The first character (“Strawberry”) is produced in the year 1962. After a while the first “Strawberry Shop” was opened in San Francisco. Than in the year 1974 “Hello Kitty” was produced. And in the May 1980 the first office was opened in West Germany. And seven years later the head office moved from Gotanda to Osaki, Tokyo.
In the year 2002, they joined business community with the Walt Disney Company.
Sanrio also has
opened two theme parks in Japan (“Sanrio Puroland” and “Harmonyland”).
Sanrio also produced movies and series. Next year two new films will come out.

Products of Hello Kitty, where you can can buy the products & who buys them
It give many of different kinds of products of Hello Kitty. For example fluffy toy, jewellery, apartment furniture and accessoires, handbags, backpacks, fashion, toothbrush, computer games, straps, diaries, guitar… . Also it gives very strange products of Hello Kitty, for example an ventilator, contact lens, mobile phone and other crazy stuff. Every month Sanrio produce and design 500 new Hello Kitty products. Also in every month you can buy for 2,70€ the Hello Kitty magazine, with something to build and an surprise.
You can buy all these things in the internet on the Sanrio Homepage or at the shops. The shops in Germany are for example in Hanover, Hamburg Berlin and Lugano.
In the past just little girls and teenager buy Hello Kitty stuff. But today many grown up girls like Hello Kitty and buy products of Hello Kitty, too. They do it deliberate, because they want to be a little girl again.

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