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Heavy Metal - Referat

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal means in German „Schwermetall“.
But it doesn’t really means this.
• It’s a kind of music which was born in the 60ies
• At the beginning Heavy Metal still used elements of Blues-Rock, but from the 70ies on it was far away from it
• Important groups of Heavy Metal are Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Ted Nugget, UFO and Accept.
• Identification signs are very fast speed, high loudness, difficult guitar riffs, terse, linear rhythm, staccato chords, bass and muffled drums, and usually shrieking voices.
• The structure of Heavy Metal songs consists of usually 3 till 4 verses, after the first is usually a guitar-solo, which is very fast and hard
• The groups are build of 3 till 5 musicians: Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass-guitar, drums and voices. Less aggressive bands often have an additional keyboard.
• Main inspiration of the development was the legendary band Led Zeppelin, by which many musicians have been inspired
• Another leader was the band Black Sabbath which was founded in Birmingham in 1969. Their lyrics are about occultism, voodoo, horror and rebellion.
• The entrance: The musicians have mostly long hair and black leather jackets. Some groups even destroy their instruments after their concerts. Some bands, like Manowar used heavy and big motorcycles on stage.
• Former critics reproached heavy metal bands glorification of violence or absented playing performance, which is definitely not true, because the fastness and the complexity of the songs require a high level of musical skills.
• In the 80ies, bands like Bon Jovi, Van Halen or the scorpions enriched their repertoire with elements of Pop-music and gained because of this more popularity and fans.
• In the middle of the 80ies many different kinds of Metal were created. One of them is Speed-Metal to which the popular band Metallica belongs to. Other kinds are Trash Metal, Black Metal, Dark Metal, Death Metal, in which the lyrics concern about death and the end of the world. One popular group of this genre is the Swedish band In Flames.
• In the last years another kind of music partially developed from the traditional style of heavy metal which is now called Nu Metal. Their most popular representatives are the bands Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.

Now I want to show you another song from In Flames and thank you for listening!

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