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Basically, a healthy diet for teenagers is a very simple thing. Don`t eat too much fat or too many fattening things, and don`t eat too much sugar. You need proteins, which you get from eating things like meat, fish, nuts, beans or cheese. And you need carbohydrates like bread, rice and potatoes. But you should also eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit to get all the vitamins you need. So you shouldn`t eat a lot of junk food because it`s full of fat or sugar. There are two more things to keep in mind: firstly, your body needs about two litre of water a day, but don`t drink lots of sugary drinks. Secondly don`t eat food or drink drinks when they are too hot. That`s really bad for your stomach.

What you shouldn`t eat:
1. Too many fattening things
2. Too much sugar

What you need:
1. Proteins
2. Carbohydrates
3. Vitamins

Where do you get proteins from?
From: meat, fish, nuts, bean and cheese.

Where do you getCarbohydrahtes from:
From: bread, rice and potatoes.

Two things too keep in mind:
1. Two litres water a day.
2. Don`t eat food or drink drinks when they are too hot.

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