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Hawaii - a wonderful state - Referat

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Hawaii - a wonderful state

General Information

Since 21th August 1959 Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA. Actually it consit of 137 islands, which are altogether 16.636 km˛ large,
but the most of them are not inhabited. Just the 8 biggest Islands are inhabited.
Altogether it is 28.337 km˛ large. 41,2 % of Hawaii is Water.
On every km˛ lives about 77 Inhabitants. Hawaii has altogether 1.284.280 Inhabitants.
On Hawaii it is warm all the year. In some regions it is raining from December to March, but always still warm.
The people who lives there speak the language as in America - English.

Hawai´i - " The Big Island"

The Island Hawai´i , also called "The Big Island", is as the name says, the biggest Island of Hawaii.
There is an always still active volcano. The other volcanos are not active any longer.
The capital of the Island is Hilo. For lots of people "The Big Island" is the best Diver Place in the World.
Endless sunshine, high waves for Surfer and long withe beaches distinguish the coast.
If you like gulf, you can visit the nomerous gulfplaces.You can also watch the culture of the people who live there.
Trips in the nature are very liked by tourists. If you are an person who likes sports, you can go ridind, kajak driving,
mountain biking and do water sports.The biggest sport event on Hawaii is the Ironman, which is a match in three kinds of sport.
It is every fall on the Kona Coast. The first discipline is swimming, the second bicycle-drive and the third is a Marathon.
On "The Big Island" lives lots of animals, we haven´t got here in Germany. For example tortoises, which lives in the water.
Wales, dolphins, sharks, many different kinds of birds and some other fascinating animals you can see often.
If you like shopping, you are right on Hawaii, because there are many shopping-centers, where you can spend your money.
You can also buy the famous "Hawaii-shirts" with the Hawaii-Flowers. It could be a good memory.
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