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Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban - Referat

Today Iíd like to talk about my favourite book Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
Its a fantasia story which is written by Joanne K. Rowling who was born in 1967. She is a Scottish writer and is popular for Harry Potter. She wrote six books about him and 4 were or one is in the cinemas. All books are at the top of the best seller list. Now I want to speak about my favourite Harry Potter book.

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry Potter is a boy who has magic power. He lives with his relatives which donít like Harry. But Harry lost his parents lots of years ago.
Then he came to Hogwarts, a magic school. He got to know lots of friends and special his friends Ron and Hermine.
The 13 years old boy Harry Potter has spent his summer holidays with his terrible relatives the Dursleys. Up to now he was very good. But now his aunt Margda visit the Dursleys. She doesnít like Harry and she makes him very angry. So he changes Margda into a balloon and she flies away.
Harry is very frightened and he runs away from home at night. He is also frightened because pupil from the school Hogwarts arenít allowed to use their magic power outside the school.
At once the Knight Bus, a fantastic bus with 3 floors takes Harry to the pub Leaky Cauldron: In this pub Harry meets the minister of magic and they speak about Harryís magic, but the minister desnít punish Harry and he wants that Harry spends one night in the pub and the next day Harry drives with the Hogwarts express to his school.
In Hogwarts Harry hears that the murder Sirius Black ran away from the prison in Azkaban. People say that he is searching for Harry. He was suppose to be responsible for the death of Harrys parents , because he told Lord Voldemort where Harrys parents lived and now he wants to kill Harry too.
But now Harry has an other problem: lots
of dementoren guards from Askaban are around Hogwarts to protect the pupil against Sirius Black. They don`t like any person and they suck their sacrifice lots of good reminiscence out their bodies. Above all they want to do that with Harry. He is very helpless. But then his teacher Dr. Lupin shows Harry a special magic to kill the dementoren.
In the school year Harry has a lot of questions about Black. Why does mister Lupin knows Sirius? What kind of secret has the teacher Snape? And why does Ronís rat run away?
And will Harry meet the terrible murder Sirius Black?

To give you an idea of the book I want to read an extract. This is the part where Harry drives with the Knight bus and the driver tells him that Sirius Black runs away from Azkaban. Ö..

I think its one of the best books of Harry Potter and I recommend this book to children and adults too.

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