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Harold and Maude - the ending - Referat

Harold and Maude - the ending

The ending of the story is a moral lesson which teaches the viewer that each end is a new beginning.
After Maude's death, Harold realizes that now he has to start a new life. This is the philosophy, Maude has taught him. He drives to a place in a beautiful landscape, without any people and lets his Jag-hearse fall over the cliffs. By that act, he destroys the car which was the symbol of his life before: The Car is a present from his mother's which he has misused (at first, it was a beautiful white Jaguar, but he changed it to a hearse). That car describes his earlier life as a life of rebellion: shocking his mother and going to funerals. But now, Harold knows, how to live: Maude has taught him to enjoy his live in as many ways as possible.
So he stands up, high above the smashed car, high above his old life, like a winner. He takes his banjo and plays Maude's song about freedom (And if you want to sing out, sing out). He loves that song because it remembers him of what he has to do, to feel free, to live free.
In my opinion he will not go to funerals as often as he did before, but he will continue shocking his mother. Probably he will start a rebellious life like Maude, helping nature. One thing is sure: Now, Harold knows how to enjoy his life and he will do it. He is difenetely not going to commit a real suicide.
To sum up, the ending is in my opinion really succesful and teaches the viewer a lot.

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