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Happiness - Referat

kein referat doch sollte jemand das thema happiness, in englisch auch durchnehmen, dann ist der text, für die schularbeit, vielleicht eine hilfe


Happiness is the most important thing you can do.My rough description of happiness is success, family&friends, health, and realizeing dreams. Success is a very important point in my life. I was never really ambitious, but then I came to the hospital, I was not able to change the situation that I wasn’t able to go. After 3 months I came back to school, and it was clear for every body that I have to make the 5th class again. It was horrible for me, and I was really angry because it wasnot my fault. I stayed angry for a long time. I have not spoken with anybody in my new class during the first few months, I wanted to go back to my former class. I learned as much as I could and more, I got good marks and was very surprised about myself. I never had very good marks at school, and I saw that I am able to get good marks. That made me happy, and it makes me happy until now. I accepted my new class and got a swot. And I am happy about that. My family and friends is the defination of happiness. If I need them they are here, they support me in everything I do, and they like me because I am like I am. That makes me really happy. They also need me in some situations, they need my help and ask me for advice, and that makes me feeling happy. Happiness means health. I am happy that I am healthy from top to toe. It was natural for me that I am healthy before I got problems wih my knee, before I wasn’t able to stand up for days, before I was in pain for months. Now I know that its not natural and it makes me happy that I am, my whole family and my friends are healthy. It would make me really happy if I can realize my biggest dream, becoming lawyer.
As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live (Goethe)

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