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Handball - 3.Version - Referat

Hello to my presentation. Today i wanna talk abouth my favourite sport Handball. Handball is a big sport and is played arround the world. Handball exists since the 19 century. The birthday of the handball is the 29. Oktober 1917.The first championschip was at the year 1921. The winner was the TSV Spandau. The first rules for handball are making by a danish teacher Holger nielson.

The first international handball match took place at the 13th September 1925. The playing surface is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. The ball with the sport is played consists of a leather shell filled with air. It exists 3 diffrent sizes of balls; first the size 1 this is for the young players with the age of 8 years. Size 2 is for the players who are over 12. Size 3 is for people they are over 16.

My next point are the rules. When you play Handball only 7 people can stand on the field. The diffrent positions are the left outer, the left half, the middle player, right half right outer and the circle runner. You only can do 3 steps with the ball. If you want to do more you must punch the ball to the ground. You arent allowed to step into the goal area.Now i come to the play time. The boys and girls who are 8 till 12 years old play 2 half times of 20 minits with a break of 10 minits. The players who are over 12 play 2 half times with 25 minits and a break of 10 minits.

Now i come to the throw technikes. 1st the standing throw: When you do this throw you stand on the ground. 2nd the jump throf; When you throw the ball you are in the air. 3rd the drop throw : you are falling and throw the balll wehen you are nearly the ground.My next point are the referees. There a normaly 2 referees. They control
the fairness and the complines with the rules. My next point is the goalkeeper. Hes the only player who can touch the ball with the feet. He is the only person who is allowed to stand in the goal area. The goalkeeper must wear other clothes like the other players.

Now i come to the punishes. The referee can gives a 7 meter free throw penalty and 2 minits time penalty this means that the player who becomes the penalty must go to the replaceable bank and wait 2 minits. After this he can go into the field again. The referee can gives also a yellow and red card. Handball is a very hard sport and claimed every part of the body. You can get hurt easyley.The last Handball World Championschip tooked place in katar.

This was my prasentation abouth the great sport "Handball".

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