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Handball - 2.Version - Referat

Eurokom Handball

today I will talk about handball. First I want to tell you some general things
than about the playing field, some about the ball-size and the playing time
the important rules and at the end to the equipment

Handball is a team sport in witch to teams of six outfield players and one goalkeeper to pass a ball to throw it into the goal of the other team. A normal match consists of two periods of thirty minutes. After that the team with the highest goal score wins.

Handball is usually played indoors, but outdoor variants exist in the forms of field handball and beach handball also called as sandball. In the USA you say to handball American handball but that is a completely different sport as in Germany.

Now I come to the playing field. The size of the playing field is 40 bye 20 meters, and is divided by the centre line in two halves. In the middle of the two 20 meter sides are the goals they are rectangles and they are three metres long and two metres high. In front of the goal is a six metre semicircle it's the goal area. This is only the area for the goalkeeper. When a outfield player goes in it become the other team the ball and a free throw. Then are there a seven metre line for a big foul. And a free throw line with a distance of 9 metres.
From the centre line goes in both directions a 4,50 metres long exchange area.
First a player must come out before another player can go in. Goes the player to early in, gets he a 2 minutes punishment and there are only five outfield players on the field for 2 minutes.

Now I come to the ball size and the playing time.
Mens and boys from 16 years play with this ball, (zeigen) the biggest one. Then the women, girls with 14 and boys with 12 years play with this ball. (zeigen) With 8 years you play with this ball. (zeigen) and all younger children play with a mini-handball. But that is a unofficial thing.

You play two periods of 20 minutes in the age from 8 to 12 years.
Two periods of 25 minutes in the age from 12 to 16 years.
And with 16 and older you play two periods of 30 minutes.

Now I come to the important rules. It's not allowed to make more steps than three with the ball in your hands. And it's
not allowed to hold the ball in your hands for more than 3 seconds. It's not allowed to bounce, to take the ball in your hands and to bounce again. The ball don't tough the body under the knee. When a player broke one of this rules the other team become the ball and a free throw.

Now I come to my last point the equipment.
First the ball, the control with the ball-size I told earlier.

Then second the resin.
Many teams use resin. The resin is use either at the fingertips or on to the ball to keep it in the hands better (for better grip) . Many teams use this resin ball in the hall even though the ball resin is forbidden.

Then are there knee pads the. They protect the knee when you fall. Sorry I only have one because my sister lose the other one.
Much handball players have knee problems, because of this are there medical knee pads, witch stabilize the knee better then the others.

Now I come to the socks. Handball socks are special socks that end just below the knee, but donít slide down. Players clean often their shoes on the socks when the sole gets to slippery during the match.

Now the shoes.Handball shoes are almost like any other indoor shoes, except that they have a slightly different shape and are donít slip.

At the end I come to the T-shirt and the short. A team wears the same jerseys so that you can see who belongs to which team.
The goalkeeper don't wear the same jersey colours as the rest of the team.

This was my Eurokom about handball.
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