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Hamburg HafenCity (English) - Referat

General information
- Currently biggest urban development project of Hamburg
- Extension of the city centre on the Elbe, Hamburg-Mitte
- Total area: 2,2 km²
- Start of planning: 1997, Start of construction work: 2003
- End: ca. 2025

- Goal: an economical, cultural, social and urban-ecological Harbour City
- 8 different construction sections
- Mainly residential areas, offices, parks and recreation centers

Growth factors
- More exclusive living space (flats for up to 12000 people)
- Employment for ~ 40000 people
- Promotion of economic development
- Extension of the city centre of ~ 40%
- Private and public services
- Local public transport
- Shipping and tourism

- Am Sandtorkai
- 5 residential and two office buildings
- Dalmannkai/Kaispeicher A
- Commercial areas, offices, residential areas, parks, recreational

Elbphilharmonie: two concert halls, a hotel and apartments
--> will be finished in 2013
--> costs: about 323 million Euro

- retail industry and gastronomy on ground floor and first floor, residential space(north) and offices(south) on upper floors
- underground station U4

Housing costs
- highest rents per m² in Hamburg
--> only for the high class

- Huge terminal for cruise liners
- Bars, restaurants, commercial district
- Science Park and navy museum
- Maritime flair

HafenCity University (HCU)
- Founded in 2006 by the Hanse Town Hamburg out of 3 other universities
- only university just for architecture and development of metropolis

- Dead quarter: only 30% residential areas
- Financing: costs are expected to double
- Sustainability
- less green space as balance to high building density
- Architecture
- too many different styles of architecture
- buildings are too high and street are too narrow
- Harbour
- new container terminal in the quarter Altenwerder
- not enough money to finance the new terminal
- Social segregation
- a lot of upmarket apartments
- no space for freehold flats and social housings

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