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Halloween - 2.Version - Referat



1) General of “Halloween“

2) Halloween at the celts

3) Christianisition of Halloween

4) Halloween in the USA

5) Halloween today

General of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated in the evening of October 31.th. This is a day before "All Saints", this is the english name for it. "All Saits Eve" is the evening before and so "All Hallowmas Eve" and it bacame "Halloween" in the 16. century. It's a night in which ghosts, witches and faires are expecially active. Mostly it is celebrated in the Usa because carnival isn't well known. Children go from house to house and tell their slogan "Trick or Treats" and they get some candy, otherwise they play a trick on the people of the house. Symbls for Halloween are devils, ghosts, demons and skelletors, witches with hoods, dwarves, fairies, spiders and vampires. The cut out pumpkins which are called "Jack- o'- Latern" shall keep away bad spirits and shall protect the house of dead people. They make a huge fire to protect from these spirits. Halloween comes from Christianity and from the Celts.

Halloween at the Celts

They believed that dead people tried to look for a body who is still alive that's why they had human victims. So they didn't choose their own body. At this time a wall between the deads and those who is still alive is very thin. That's why the contact is easier to get. They celebrated around a campfire and had a dinner and
offered candy the best parts to the deads.The Irish disquise themselves so terribly so that spirits and dead people pass on by them and don't recognize them as living persons.

Christianisition of Halloween

On November first "All Saits" was celebrated and on the following day "Allerseelen". To bewire the people of sins the celtic habits were christianized.

Halloween in the USA

It's not a real Christian celebration. Children go disquised through the streets and ask for candy. The previous incident was to ask for good harvest, no war and no sicknesses.

Halloween today

In former times Halloween was only celebrated in Catholic areas of the British islands. It was totally changed in the USA before it came back to Europe. Halloween is a very important day of the witchcold. However if the satanists meet they often misuse it then.

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