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HARIBO - Referat

The history of HARIBO:
HARIBO is an acronym and stands for HAns RIegel BOnn.
Hans Riegel founded the company HARIBO on 13th December 1920 in Bonn. Hans Riegel was a candy maker. The seed capital was a copper kettle, a marble plate, a stool, a hearth and a bag with sugar. He started to produce gummy bears in a small house.

From the past until today
Two years after the foundation he invented the famous “Gold-Bears”. In 1925 Hans produced liquorice. The bestseller was the liquorice with the HARIBO-lettering on it.
Before the 2nd world war were 400 persons working for HARIBO. But the production diminished in the world war because there were not enough commodities. The sad motto in the war was “carapace instead of gummy bears”.
In March 1945 Hans Riegel died. So his wife Gertrud had to look after the company. The sons Paul and Hans were in captivity until 1946. As they came back they accepted the company HARIBO. Hans Riegel junior represented the company. Paul Riegel controlled the technology. He even invented new machines for the company. His most famous machine is the winder that winds the liquorice-snails. The rebuilding from HARIBO started with 30 workers.
The success of HARIBO really exploded. The company got bigger and bigger and in 1950 there were 1000 workers who worked for HARIBO.
In 1967 HARIBO certificated the Gold-Bears with an official birth certificate because of their great success.
In 2007 the Gold-Bears celebrated their 85th birthday. The present from HARIBO for the consumers was a new recipe, a new look of the wrapping and a 6th flavour: apple.
Today there are 3000 workers who work in one of the five German factories (Bonn, Solingen, Neuss, Mainbernheim and Wilkau-Haßlau).

New places to produce
In 1987 HARIBO and a company in the south of France founded “HARIBO-RICQLES ZAN”. After HARIBO had started an outlet in Spain in 1985, they founded a place of production there. In 1986 HARIBO accepted the company “EDMUND MÜNSTER GMHB & Co. KG” which produced the famous candies MAOAM. In June 1996 HARIBO accepted the company “Dulcia” which produced sweets like marshmallows. In 2005 HARIBO built a new outlet in Australia. HARIBO also accepted companies in Austria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, in the Netherlands and in Turkey. HARIBO built new places of production in Ireland, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic and in the USA. Today HARIBO produces in 18 places in Europe and there are also shops in almost every European country and in the USA. HARIBO exports in more than 100 countries of the world.

A short explanation about the creation of the gummy bears
At the beginning of every new HARIBO-candy is a creative idea from a designer from HARIBO. Those designers have to adumbrate their idea. This adumbration changes into a three-dimensional drawing in the computer. A milling cutter mills this drawing in cement. After this step, they build a re-usable form with this cement figure.
Then they press those forms in a box with cornflour. A machine fills the cornflourforms with the gummy-mixture.
After a long drying time the gummy bears get a cover with beeswax that they shine and don’t adhere to the other gummy bears. After that a machine weighs and packages the gummy bears.
Now the bears are ready to be sent all over the world.
HARIBO produces 100 Million gummy bears every day in 18 European places of production.

HARIBO advertised in the TV in 1962 for the first time. It was a black-white commercial with a traffic chaos and the HARIBO KONFEKT.
The German entertainer and moderator Thomas Gottschalk advertised for HARIBO in 1991 for the first time. This commercial partnership was approved as the longest partnership between a company and a famous person by Guinness World Records Ltd. from London in January 2006.
Since 1998 HARIBO has used the new medium Internet.
In December 2008 began a special cooperation: a plane from TUIfly got a blue HARIBO-design. It is called the GoldbAIR. In February 2010 came a second plane to the first one, the golden HaribAIR. This cooperation between HARIBO and TUIfly is inimitable up to now.
In 2009 HARIBO got an application in the app-store. You can eat a virtual gummy bears with this GOLDBÄREN-App. In 2010 HARIBO got a second application, the Color-Rado. In this app you can build a candy-tower with Color-Rado.

Products from today
The most famous product from HARIBO is the Gold-Bear. But HARIBO also produces liquorice, vampires, penguins, frogs, strawberries and much more.
HARIBO also produces the brand MAOAM which came from the company “EDMUND MÜNSTER GMBH & Co.KG”. Famous things from MAOAM are the chewies, MAOAM sour, the FRUITY STIXX and the MAOAM-Kracher.
Another famous brand from HARIBO is Chamallows. This brand came from the company “Dulcia”. They produce for example the Chamallows Cocoballs, Rombiss, Soft-Kiss and Speckies.


Musée du Bonbon
The “Musée du Bonbon” is a museum in Uzès, in the south of France. It opened in May 1996. The museum shows the history of HARIBO and the production of gummy bears, candies and liquorice. The tourists there can observe a production of the famous Gold-Bears. They also can handle a machine which packages the gummy bears.

Succession plan
Hans Riegel junior is 88 years old and he’s still working in the company HARIBO. And the succession isn’t really clear. There were many different succession plans in the past, but they changed it very often. Now the division is like this: 50% of the company belong to Hans Riegel junior and the other 50% belong to Paul Riegel’s children Hans-Jürgen, Hans-Guido, Hans-Arndt and Andrea, because Paul died in 2009. But it’s not very sure if this spreading will be forever because it changed so often in the past. Hans doesn’t have any children. He seems to be tenacious, obstinate and greedily. So it’s not very easy for the people who have to work with him.

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