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H.O.R.S.E. - Referat


Are you fed up with playing soccer all the time? All what you have to do is to grab you basketball, pick up some friends and go to the next basketball court.

Players shoot the basketball in order. If the first player scores a basket, the next player must shoot the same shot he did. If the second player scores the basket, the next player tries the same shot. If a player misses the shot, he gets an "H", and the next player starts over with a shot of his choice. With each missed shot (only after the previous player makes it), players add another letter until they have spelled "HORSE" and are out.

If you like basketball, you will like the “HORSE”. The game can be played at least with 2 persons but there is no limit of maximum players.

I can thoroughly recommend that activity. The sport ist not as exhausting as the original basketball and the game makes more fun because you play with you friends and not against them.

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