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H.G.Wells- The Time Machine - Referat

H.G.Wells- The Time Machine

-close your eyes, imagine you where in the year 3234 what would the world look like
-how would the people look like? The cities? The cars?
-show videos 1-3 city, 4= car
-in my book we travel in time too, but the world looks complete different..wait and you will see..
But at first a short biography of the author

Henry George Wells:
-english author, wrote a lot of science fiction stories
-was the pioneer in writing science fiction stories
-born the 21. September 1866 in Bromley (London)
After attending the Normal School of Science in South Kensington, he became a science teacher. At the Normal School, he studied under Thomas Henry Huxley, a famous advocate of the scientific theory of evolution.
-worked as bookkeeper(Buchhalter),teacher, journalist
-1895: independent author
-wrote 1895 “The Time Machine”-> was his first book
and the beginning of his career->made him famous
-wrote a lot of other science fiction books, like:
“The War of the Worlds”(Krieg der Welten, film with Tom Cruise)
-other books:
“The Island of Dr. Moreau”(1896)
“The Invisble Man” (1897)
-had a relationship for 10 years with Rebecca West, in this time
Anthony West was born in 1914
-H.G.Wells dies at the 13.august in 1946 in London
without him the Science Fiction would not be the same

It happens in the 19th century:
A group of men, including the narrator, is listening to the Time Traveller who says that he is able to travel in time.
One week later they meet again and the Time Traveller arrives too late.
He tells the others that he made a time travel:
He has been in the year 802701:
There the inhabitants are called Elois.

During his stay he gets to know a lot about another species, which lives under the ground and crawls up at night to eat the Elois. These so called Morlocks have also stolen his Time Machine.

After some exciting days the Time Traveller wins over the Morlocks and gets back his Time Machine.

He leaves the world and continues to travel into the future.
Finally he is very close to the end of the world. Then he returns home.
After he has told his story at the meeting, he travels in time again, but he never comes back!

The Elois:
-live in the year 802701
-small people who look like human people
-4 feet tall
-they are very beautiful, but not very intelligentTime Traveller says that they are as clever as an 5 year old child, have the same behaviour in some cases
-e.g. when Time Traveller arrives in their time, they come to check him out touch him, are very trusting, are not afraid of him, are trusting, and show no fear- very naiv and friendly
-they are always happy, lucky and kind
-then they speak in a very soft and sweet way, and it´s easy to learn their language the TT says
-but what do they do all the time?
-they pass the whole day with playing with each other, or having a bath in the river, play loves games, means: tickle each other, or kiss or cuddle or hug each other
-eat fruits from the trees or sleep
-they sleep in an old palest and are afraid of the darkness
 at first TT believes that they have no problems and no worry
Too underline this feeling and to give you an impressions, and a help to imagine how the Elois speak and act with each other I have a song, which I think really fits to the Elois (Knuddel Song)
-hope you can imagine them a bit better

The World:
-want to present you the world where they live
-through the technic development earth has changed radically, everything is adjusted to the humans, even the animals and the plants:
Everywhere grow eatable fruits and beautiful exotic flowers, there is no weed and thorns
 the world is like a blooming garden
-there are just “nice” animals: no vermins or other big animals, just birds and other small animals
-furthermore no germs (Bakterien-bacteria) no diseases
-through the world flows a river and it’s an amazing place to be
-besides there are some ruins of buildings , and there is a statue of sphinx and there is a palast where they sleep, and there are some cored holes which look like standpipes (Brunnnen)

- if you hear about this world and its describtions- dystopia or utopia?
-would agree, but we will see if you still have this opinion if I continue..

-but at first I want to introduce you Weena, who is a bit different to the other Elois

-Elois have bath in river, one Eloi is drowing, can´t really swim anymore, other Elois do not react, not because they are bad, it´s because they can´t understand what happens there, that someone is dying, they are just not interested to do something, because they are not so intelligent (like 5 year old boy)
--Time Traveller rescues her, doesn’t expect that she is thankful, but she is, gives him flowers and a hug become friends, cuttle & talk with each other, and Weena follows him everywhere and teaches
him the language

-continue with summary…

The Morlocks:
-2nd species which lives there, but under the earth beside their huge machines, don’t know for what they use it, probably to cook and eat the Elois, its very dark there, live in caves
-look like apes, are very ugly, have big eyes and small sharp teeth
-at first the Time Traveller thinks that the Morlocks work for the Elois, so that they can have a nice great life, but reflects that it is the opposite way:
-Morlocks treat the Elois like cattle (Vieh), they feed them, give them clothes etc and when they are hungry the crawl up through the standpipes and eat them, come just up in the night because they can´t stand the light , are completely confused when they see light
-they are carnivore (fleischfresser)
-Video 4:07 CD -2minuten) 9 :47 how they dissappear
-TT hates them because they stole his Time Machine & attack him when he tries to get back his machine

-continue with summary—then relationship

Time Traveller: no informations about him, no name, lives in a house in London near the Themse (show map!) , he is quiet good monied, has a butler
Narrator: no name, no informations
Other guests:
1. meeting: narrator, Filby, psychologist, provincial mayor, medical man, a young man
2.meeting: medical man, narrator, editor of a well known daily paper, another editor, a journalist a shy man with beard
Elois + Weena
Morlocks.. you know already something about them..now relationship

TT-other: neutral/normal, tells them his story, and invites them to lunch
Narrator believes him , the others are skeptic

TT- Elois: likes them, quiet good relationship to them, doesn´t do so much with them, wants to explore and get information about this time
-is disappointed of them, because they are not so intelligent, he expected more intelligence in the future but in general he likes them

TT-Weena: she is different to the other elois, he can talk well to her, she follows him everywhere, are friends, have a lovely relationship, cuttle with each other and kiss
-BUT..one day in forrest, attacked by Morlocks, suddenly Weena is lost, he expects that she is dead- angry at MOrlocks, feels lonely and is sad when she is away, he never sees her again..

TT-Morlocks: hates them, thinks they are ugly, they attack him when he is in the forrest, they killed Weena, stole is Time Machine, kills and hurts a lot of them

Morlocks- ELois: Elois are afraid of them
Morlocks used them to eat

There must be a reason, why the Elois are eaten by the Morlocks in the story..

Themes & Symbols:

Through his stay, the Time Traveller develops some theories about the function in society in the year 802 701: vorlesen lassen

1.)First, he thinks that the Eloi are the sole descendants of humanity. He assumes that scientific(wissenschaftlich) progress continued to make life easier for humans, so much so that they lost their edge, becoming stupid and lazy. He implies that this fate is the result of communism, as if the lack (fehlen) of competition drove the human race to indolence (Trägheit)

2.) Second, after he discovers the Morlocks, he thinks that the Morlocks are the slaves of the Eloi. He still feels that the Eloi have devolved (übergehen) into frail (schwach) creatures because their life is too easy, but he believes that the Morlocks, have evolved into brute (brutal) workers. He thinks that this is capitalism's division (Aufteilung) of labour (Arbeit) taken to the extreme.

3.)Third, when he discovers that the Morlocks hunt and terrify(erschrecken) the Eloi, he assumes(annehmen) that his second theory was once true, but that the Morlocks evolved to the point where they needed to prey(jagen/ausbeuten) on the Eloi. It is a theory of revenge of the working classes. (bedürniss haben auszubeuten)

The Morlocks stand for the worker class, the Elois are the former upper class from the 19th century
-the Eloi live in a perfect world
-the Morlocks under the world, where it´s dark and noisy
-when the Time Traveller is under the world with the Morlocks, he reflects that in the 19th century, the upper class wanted to install fabrics or houses of the worker class under the earth, and this tendency has developed so far, that the worker class disappeared completely from the earth´s surface (erdoberfläche)
So just the upper class (the Elois) are left on the surface, and they enjoy the life
 Wells wants to criticize the upper class which oppresses the worker class , he prognoeses, that if this development stays like that , the worker class will fight back, and what happens if they do this you can see between the ELoi and the Morlock.

Discussion>>Dystopian or utopian literature?

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