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Großer Garten - Referat

The Great Garden

The large public park was constructed by Karcher in 1683. It was created with eight pavilion houses around the palace. The palace is the oldest barock building in Saxony. It is in the center of the Great Garden. At that time ca. 1,500 statues stood in the whole park. In 1698 the park was changed. It was enlarged. The Great Garden was brightened with the palace pond in 1715.

The Great Garden was developed further by Julius Heinrich Schwarze in 1760. Through the fight against Napoleon’s troops there was a bad destruction in 1813. One year later the Great Garden was opened for the population and was designed as an English park. The zoo came into being in 1861. Until the last destruction the park had often been changed.
For example the Botanic Garden was moved from the Moritzallee to the Stübelallee and the Mosaic Well was put up in 1926. The palace, many statues, seven pavilion houses and garden arrangements were destroyed by the air raids in 1945. A first limited reconstruction of the palace took place in 1954. Since then it has been waiting for its real rebuilding.

In the Great Garden you can use the park-railway to enjoy the large green area or you can row with the boot on a little lake. There are also different event-places like the puppet-theater “Sonnenhäusl”, the “little park theater” and the “open-air” stage Great Garden”. The zoo and the botanic garden are very beautiful trip-places, too. The summer-flower-garden, the dahlias-garden and the Mosaic Well are worth seeing, too. If you have time you should spend an afternoon there with your friends.

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