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Great Barrier Reef - Referat

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef ahead the coast of Autralia is the world´s largest and most impressive coral reef. It is one of the 7 natur wonders of the wolrd. Since 1981 it was convictabled of the UNESCO as a world natural heritage.

On the 11.Juni.1770 it was discouvered bye the Briton James Cook.
The Reef is north-eastern from Australia at the eastcoast from the state Queensland. The Reef beginns in Bundaberg and ends by the Cape York. The Great Barrier Reef is over 2000 kilometres long and covers an area of 347.800 square miles and is bigger then Italy! It is the biggest building in the world, which is made up from creature.

The reef is divided up into 4 sections:
-Far Northern Section
-Cairns Section
-Central Section
-Southern Section

The word Barrier isn´t correct, because the Reef is made up of ca. 3000 individual reefs, ca. 700 islands for example the Whitsunday islands or Dunk Island and a few sandbanks. From these 700 islands are just 3 real corallislands: Lady Elliot Island, Green Island and Heron Island.

The northern Reef arose ago 18 – 20 million years. But the southern Reef is just 2 million years old.
The Great Barrier Reef is made up of million little organisms, known as coral polypes. These polypes produced lime and through the lime, arose the Reef.


In the Great Barrier Reef lives 359 coral typs, 1.500 typs of fishes (for example: the Clownfish), 1.500 typs of sponges, 5.000 typs of molluscs, 800 typs of echinoderms (for example: Starfishes) and 215 typs of birds.
You find also six from seven arts of seaturtels.


Ca. 8 Million tourists visited the Great Barrier reef every year. In 2003 they spent over 4 billion australien dollers.
You can visit the Reef with boots, privat-plains and helicopters.
But the best way to visit the Reef is by snorkel or dipping.
The Australien have also built a museum for the tourist who give impressions of the underwater world.
Between 1985 and 2001 were many accidents of ships in the reef, but this was human error.

Natural heritage

On the 26.Oktober 1981 it was convictabled of the UNESCO as a world natural heritage.


The Great Barrier Reef is in danger because: through the global warming which destroy the corall, through the toxic “Crown of Thorns Starfish” which destroy the reef-sections, through the monsoon rain which had toxic emissions from the industrie and through a many other pollution who reach the sea.

1975 they set up the company "Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority", they check the tourists and see for the protection of the Reef.
Fishing and camping on the Islands isn´t allowed.

But Experts think that the Reef will be completely destroyed in ca. 20 years.

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