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Golden Gate Bridge - Referat

Golden Gate Bridge

Good afternoon/ good morning. My name is ... I am here today to talk about the Golden Gate Bridge and will take about 5 minutes of your time. I have divided my presentation up into 5 parts.

So firstly I will talk about the building of the bridge.
It was built from 5th January 1933 until 27th May 1937. The bridge was built under the management from Josef Baermann Strauss. The bridge cost 35 million dollar. It was for a long time the longest suspension bridge on the world. The bridge to built, was to this time very hard, because the technology wasn´t so good.The Golden Gate Bridge had the longest and the broadest cables. They are 2332 meters long and 92 centimetres broad. It was built to a time, as very many people haven’t a job and many people have hunger. The building weight 887000 tons.The bridge is the seventh longest suspension bridge on the world. The bridge is 2,73 kilometres long and 235 metres high.

Secondly I will say why the bridge is called Golden Gate Bridge.
The bridge became their name from the gate “Golden Gate”. This Gate is 5 kilometres long and between 1,6 and 3 kilometres broad. The name Golden Gate came while the gold rush. Many people came in this area through this gate.

Thirdly I will talk about the traffic.
It combine with the six street freeway San Francisco with the northern areas from Marin County and Napa- and Sonoma- Valley. On the bridge drives 100000 vehicles a day, but it will be every year ten per cent more. If you will be to San Francisco you must pay 2, 50 Dollar.

And now I will say why the bridge is red.
The Golden Gate Bridge should be normally grey, but then the rust safe was red and Josef Baermann Strauss found that beautiful and so the bridge is red.

Finally I will talk about the chief engeneur of the bridge. It was Joseph Baermann Strauss
Name: Joseph Baermann Strauss
Born on: 7 January 1870
Born in: Cincinnati Ohio
Died on: 16 May 1938
Died in: Los Angeles
His mother was pianist and his father was writer and painter.
He have other bridges disigned too. Firstly it was the Burnside bridge in 1926 and secondly the Lewis and Clark Bridge in 1930.

Well, thank you for your attention. If you have any questions I´d be pleased to answer them.

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