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Global Challenges - Referat

Global Challenges

Define globalisation and outline its history. What are the hopes and fears linked with this phenomenon?

• Globalisation = growing worldwide economic, technological & cultural interaction between cultures & economies
• Globalisation 1.0 (beginning of glob.): competition between countries, colonisation, emphasis on developing brawn imperialism, political/economical strengh as most important global factor
 World shrinks from size large to size medium
• Glob. 2.0 (continuation): industrial revolution -> break throughs in technology, rise of communication
=> from size medium to small
• Glob 3.0 (modern glob.): global competition among individuals -> global communication helps broaden our minds & overcome prejudice
=> small to tiny
Hopes: cheap & extensive products, more profit
Fears: Exploitation of cheap workers, no solutions for international problems

Class – a thing of the past?

• Past: ppl were born into a class, out of which they couldn’t escape
• Today: Yes:
• Success in life depends on cultural, social, educational & ethnical background
-> individual success is determined by personal background
-> opportunities are unequal (e.g. parents with higher educational standart can give their kids better support with homework)
• No:
• Ppl are seperated in race & gender, which have impacts on their lives
• In theory: upward mobility seems to be open to everyone
• Education is equally available to everyone & educ. Standarts have risen
• Only a few ppl refer to `class`
• Improvements through social welfare & strengthening of women’s rights

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of outsourcing?

• Outsourcing = assigning a company’s business processes to an external agency
• Companys outsource their companies for
• Higher quality
• Lower labor cost and increased realization of economics of scale
• Tapping in to a knowledge for better innovation
• -> more profits
• Cons:
• Loss of control over a companys business processes possible
• Problems related to quality and turnaround time
• Less work for qualified employees in countries with high standarts -> consequently high overhead costs
• Ppl have the attitude that any less appealing work should be outsourced
• Lower working standarts outside -> exploitation oft he poorest

Outline the most pressing global challenges

• There are a lot of challenges we have to do, like the rich-poor gap, education, energy, climate change, clean water and and and
• I will tell you more about the climate change, bc it’s the most important one
•  global warming etc -> consequenzes (das kann man ja von global warming nehmen)
• if we don’t do anything there will be a mass extinction, such as in the trias -> bc of the consequenses of climate change (rapid temperature increase through vulcanos, today nearly the same through humans -> if we don’t change we may all die)

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