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Gilmore Girls - 2.Version - Referat

The Story
The Story acts of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. They are mother and daughter and live together in a small house in star Hollow. Lorelai and Rory are not like mother and daughter. They are like sisters. They are the best friends, divide all secrets and have nearly the same interests.Nevertheless they are very different. History is told with much joke. In the history it concerns much friendship and love. Each person has its own special character.

Lorelai Gimore
In the meantime she is at the beginning of 30 and works as Managerin in a hotel. Her best Friend is Sookie. Lorelai drinks exactly like their daughter gladly Kaffe, to the dearest in Lukes Diner. Lukes Dinner belongs to her best friend Luke. Today he is her fiance. Their relationship to their daughter is rather as among sisters. Lorelai to describe is heavy. Luke would say she is complicated. Lorelai talks a lot and is very spontaneus. With her parents Lorelai doesn’t get on very well.Their parents always wished themselves a daughter such as Rory. Lorelai wurde Lorelai get pren..even with 16. That why shes moving from home. Rory father Christopher left Lorelai during the pregnancy. Rory and Lorelai understand themselves nevertheless very well with him.

Rory Gilmore
Rory is twentyone years old and is the daughter of Lorelai. The two have except their passion to coffee nearly nothing together. Rory is consciously, shyly and intelligently. She loves books, Fast Food and video evenings and lives together with her mother in Star Hollow.Lane and Paris are their best friends. Rory understands herself very well with her grandparents Richard and Emily Gilmore. Rory is nearly like a daughter for them. A well educated daughter, whom they never had. Rorys Boyfriend is for the moment Logan Hunsburger.

Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore is Lorelais mother and would like in each case the best for their daughter. She tries to prescribe Lorelai everything but Lorelai needs her free space. Emily does not understand herself very well with Lorelai. Richard and Emily are rich. Lorelai wanted to be rich never.
But Lorelai could not pay the school money for Rory. Richard and Emily paid the school money on the condition that Rory and Lorelai visit them each Friday. Rory understands herself very well with her grandparents. She is nearly like a daughter for Emili and Richard. A well educated daughter, who they never had.

Richard Gilmore
Richard Gilmore is Lorelais father and says always openly its opinion. He is calmly and holds themselves in the background.Richard is a very successful businessman. Rory is very important to him. He worries much about Rory and would like prevent that Rory becomes exactly like his daughter.
And now I came to my last point
Luke Danes
Luke is the owner of a coffee shop. The meeting place of Star Hollow. Luke holds nothing from traditions, or of celebrations. Luke is helpful and does nearly everything for Lorelai. He and Lorelai are best friends and later also got engaged. Luke has a daughter, but He did not know anything from her.
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