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Gifted children - Referat

Definition of gifted: having a great natural ability or revealing a special gift

• Gifted children are a minority group in every society. 2
• Parents are frequently not happy about having a gifted child because it may cause various problems at home and at school.
• Only a few teachers are specially trained to spot gifted children.
• Authoritarian teachers may even feel threatened by high-flyers
• Some teachers think that they do not need to be challenged and need no encouragement, but this is a disastrous misconception which might put gifted children off school.

As a teacher you bore gifted children with direct instructions, teacher oriented methods, drill practices, repeating and rehearsing and acting in an authoritarian way.

How can you make second language learning attractive for a little genius?
offer various learning experiences; focus on independence and complexity,
be open to new ideas, promote acceptance rather than judgement

What can teachers learn from highly talented kids?
They force them to rethink their traditional teaching methods.
They broaden their horizon in reference to creative and learner-oriented teaching concepts.
They oblige them to raise their knowledge.

Below you find the summary of an interview of a teacher who taught physics to gifted children for more than ten years at a School in Vienna:

How do you recognize gifted children?
• they understand as quick as lightning
• most of them only calculate mentally
• the majority is great with language or numbers
• some are terrific at all subjects
• they are very often bullied
• some have a social deficit

What kind of teacher should you be to teach high capable pupils?

• You are their learning guide.
• You give impulses.
• You should be didactically well-prepared.
• You don΄t have to be gifted to teach them.
• You should enjoy thinking sideways because they will always test you.
• If they recognize that you are open minded they are able to pardon you a lot.

What are their backgrounds usually?
• The majority is supported from their parents.
• Some come from so to say normal (or not wealthy) backgrounds.
• The kids who come from outside have the possibility to live in the boarding school.

What else would you say is important to know about your school?
• The entrance procedure is really complicated and time-consuming.
• Some try to hide their talents.
• Sometimes they have negative periods or do not care about their grades but these are usually only temporary conditions.

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