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Geschichte des Reggaes - Referat

The History
Reggae arised at the end of the 1960s as another development out of many Jamaicans music styles after the introduction of the american R & B music.
But Reggae is the first of this styles who have international success
because of Bob Marley.
In the 50s when the american R & B came to Jamaica there began a big music and dance mania on the island.
The Jamaicans develop there own style. They played a mix out of traditionell Jamaicanish music styles, afrokubanischen rhythm and
R & B elements.That was the SKA.
In the year 1966 the SKA rhythm got slow down. The release for this was the violence out of the Ghettos. Beats got slow down.
Pianos and guitars were put in.
Now the whole thing was called Rocksteady – the direct predecessor of Reggae.
Soon it developed a strong connection between the follower of the
Rastafarians and Reggae.
The Reggaesongs are about the theories from the liberation all black people out of Jamaica and about the return of the homeland Afrika. And mainly about biblical contents.
Rocksteady was very fixate on Lovesongs. But also on violence, worldly wisdom and on religious subjects.
Reggae is sing in the speech “Patois” (jamaicanish-kreolisch) with many new words. If it don´t rhyme, they will invent a new word.
There are many theories about the origin of the word Reggae.
Some say it comes from the word raggamuffin, other people think from streggae.
But the simple exlanation is that Reggae the description for the rhythm and for the body feel is.
Reggae have there own colour: red, yellow and green.
The successful artist were Eric Clapton, Steve Wonder and of
course Bob Marley.

Drugs and Dreadlockz
At the Reggae time drugs like Cannabis and joints..... played a big difference in the life of the Jamaicans.
The Jamaicans grown Ganja because for them smoking is holy and they use it for meditation. Ganja is the name for Cannabis.
Besides Dreadlockz were the fashion. Dreadlockz mark only matted hair.
There are a symbol for the Rastafarians. These people apply to Outsider and religious freaks.
The people dread of Rastafarians and they think their hairstyle repulsive. From there the name “ dread” from fear.

The Rastafarians
Dreadlockz, smoke and Reggae it´s due to them. Reggae is there own music.
The most Reggae artist belong to the Rastafari. The Rastafari is a sect.
Rastafari is called after the prince Ras Tafari Makkonnen. His right name was Haile Selassies. He is call as “ lion from Juda” and is how God revere.
The colours of Reggae are red, yellow and green. They have a especially meaning for the Rastafarians.
->Red stands for the bloodshead and the murder under the carry off slave.
->Yellow stands for
the riches which were stole from the slave.
->Green stands for the Land of Promise Ethiopien.
Main feature for the Rastafarians are recognition Haile Selassies as
alive God on earth and the fight for the equal rights.
Women are esteem, but they have not the right to say something by
The homosexuality is very bad represent.
The Rastafarians are well-known for the Reggae music.

Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley alias Bob Marley was born on the 6th April 1945 in Rhoden Hall, St. Ann on Jamaica. His father was a white, british navy soldier, his mother a 18 years old Jamaican. His mother have to support the four kids allone. Bob did a apprenticeship as a welder. He got to know with 14 years the hard streetlife. The slumworld with her violence, prostitution and drug trafficking. He made this for the maintopic in his musical message.
Marley married his teenage girlfriend Rita Anderson. They have four kids Ziggy, Sharon, Cedella and Steve. All kids make musik like their father.
In the year 1963 he found the band “ Bob Marley and the Wailers”.
They had a great success. But Bob Marley put to the front of the band and the others didn´t like that. So they split up.
At this time Bob Marley worked as a solo artist.
His message was “Get up, stand up- Stand up for your rights”. But this is also his song.
1979 the doctors found out that he had lung cancer and cerebral tumor.
In Spring 1980 he cames for the last time to a concert to Germany.
On the 11th may 1981 he die in Miami on the results of the illness cancer.
His last words to his wife were: “My work is over, I will fly home”.
With Bob Marley Jamaica lost one of his strongest fighter, but he made Reggae to the popular music of Jamaica.
Still today there are a few artist who make Reggae. The succesful musician today are Gentleman and Seeed.

(The Wailers-> Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer)

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