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Futur Tense - Referat

Futur Tense

1. will- futur


You used the will- futur to say supposition, prediction pontaneous decisions and promise.

Signal words are: think, sure, probably , hope; tomorrow, next week,
Education: will+ infinitive

I hope lunch will be ready soon.
Will you have enough money to pay the bills?
We won't have enough money to pay the bills!

2. Going to- futur


This is an intention or a projects or an express the certainty.

Signal words are: tomorrow, next week,
Education: am/is/are + going to + infinitive

We are going to have lunch in a minute.
We aren't going to have lunch in a minute
Are we going to have lunch in a minute?

3. simple present


Use the Simple Present to express the idea that an action is repeated or usual. The action can be a habit, a hobby, a scheduled event or something that often happens. It can also be something a person often forgets or usually does not do.
The Simple Present can also indicate the speaker believes that a fact was true before, is true now, and will be true in the future. It is not important if the speaker is correct about the fact. It is also used to make generalizations about people or things.

Signal words are: always ,sometimes, often, usually, never,every....
Education: infinitiv 3. person singular: infinitive + s

He always eats lunch at 1p.m.
He doesn't always eat lunch at 1p.m.
Does he always eat lunch at 1 p.m.

4. present progressive


When you have already decided and arranged to do it (a fixed plan, date).

Signal words: At the moment, right now, look, listen,
Education: am/ is / are+verb+ing.

He is eating his lunch now.
He isn't eating his lunch at the moment.
Is he eating his lunch at the moment?

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