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Frontier - Referat

The frontier

Now I will tell you something about the northamerican frontier which took place 1620-1890 after christ.

At the beginnig of the 17 century a lot of europeens tried to escape of their absolutistic monarchs, like for examlpe Luis 16. in France.
They just couldīt handel anymore the restriction they were urged to live with, that the reason why they dicided to emigrate in america.
In 1620 the first settlers arrived with the Mayflower,which is a ship, and reached the east coast where they seted up different colonies like Connecticut, New Hampshire und Rode Island,the New Englandstaates.The settlers did everything to make their dream of an independent and free land come true.
At first they werenīt that sure about the conditions of living there.As they had problems about living there the indians played a big helping role.
They showed the settlers everything helpful about planting, harvesting and hunterring.So you can see at this time they had a very nice relationship.
However, time goes on and the settlers started becoming courious of discovering the land. The native americans got urged to stay in little teritoriums, while the settlers spreaded out their areas.The border between the native americans and the pioneers wasnīt fixed, but pushed from the east of amerva where the first settlers arrived over the midwest to the west, thats why you also call it the "walking border": The americans in those times but also in nower days are very proud of what they have achieved. They discoverd the land all on their own and hadnīt any help.Especially they are proud of making it throug the destertes wilderness of America and the abillity to achieve everything they want to. Thats why the call themselves also self-made-man.
By the way this is still very important for the inhabitants in nower days because this is what the american dream is all about..

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