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Free time activities - Referat


1. What is free time?
- time spent away from business, work, domestic chores
- period of time before/after necessary activities (eating,
sleeping, education)

2. Importance of free time
- very important
- people need rest, recovery, compensation next to work
- need time for themselves – able to do what they want

3. free time activities
young people: - sport(football, bike, swimming, volleyball,…),
friends, music, dancing, computer games, social
networks, tv, cruise around in a car, disco,
reading, instrument, social life(firemen, club)
old people: - do things like young people
- but: walk more often in nature, creative writing,
interested in politics, work in garden

4. problems:
- when bored, do bad things – commit crimes (steal things,
rob people), take drugs, binge
drinking, hop trains(unusual),
bullying, unprotected sex
- stressed out – don’t take enough time for themselves
(homework, work the whole day)
- not careful enough - accidents with car or bike
- computer addiction

5. comparison: young people in Germany and Indian
- Germany: a lot of free time, possibility to do some
activities, have enough money
- Indian: poor people, work every day to get enough money for
life, childrens work, not enough possibilities to
do free time activities -> no money

6. relationship: money and free time
- a few freetime activities without money (walk in nature,
meeting friends)
- the most only with money (tv, bike, computer games, music)
- not every family have enough money
- I think it isn’t important to have a lot of money, just do
activities together with friends and family—needn’t money

7. my favourite free time activities
- meeting friends, swimming, riding unicycle, dancing,
listening to music, member of a carnival club

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