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Four Weddings and a Funeral - Referat

four Weddings and a funeral

I’m going to present you the book “four Weddings and a funeral” and it’s written by Richard Curtis. The first publishing was in 1994. And this book is a love story and it’s funny, too.
The book is about Charles and his friends Tom, Scarlett, Fiona and Gareth who belong to the London upper class. On a wedding of a friend Charles who would not like to bind himself meets the fun-loving American Carrie. After a night of love he tries not to fall in love with her. However, on the next wedding he meets Carrie again. Nevertheless, this time Carrie is in company of her a lot of older fiancé and Charles becomes clear painfully that he loves her. With this opportunity Fiona confesses Charles her love, but Charles cannot realize what happened. The next wedding takes place between Carrie and her fiancé on a castle in Scotland. Here Gareth dies suddenly and unexpectedly of a cardiac infarction. The next is the funeral of Gareth to which Carrie also appears, in spite of planned her honeymoon, leads to active discussions about the „true love ". Gareth's long-standing friend Matthew holds here a very moving grave speech which allows getting clear that both men were more than only friendship connected.
The last wedding should become from Charles and Henrietta - a psychotic ex-friend – who is called from all only "Duckface”. Shortly before the ceremony Charles on Carrie hits and finds out that they itself part has. Completely distraught and helplessly Charles disappears in a side chapel and asks his brother and his witness for council how it should go on because this changes the situation completely. In the end, he goes to the altar, but on the question of the priest whether somebody has an objection, announces himself Charles dumb brother. By means of sign-language he explains that Charles does not love his bride. Confirmed as this to the priest, Henrietta Charles Knockout hits.

Here is a short passage about the funeral of Gareth:

Matthew steps forward and stands near the coffin. It has beautiful flowers on it.
‘Gareth preferred funerals to weddings. “One day I shall probably have a funeral,” he said, “but a wedding - never!”’
People smile and begin to feel
a little bit more comfortable.
‘I rang a few people asked them about Gareth. What did they think about him? What comes into their minds when they hear his name? Well, a lot of people said, “Fat.” And a lot more said “Terribly rude.” So “very fat and very rude! was the way that strangers described Gareth. But then some of you here rang me and said that you loved him. You remember visiting Gareth, and how kind he was to his guests. You remember what an adventurous cook he was. Fortunately, the secrets of some of his dishes, like duck with banana, are lost for ever! Gareth really loved life. I hope you will remember him specially for that.

‘How do I remember him? I can’t find the words – I’m sorry. So I’ve taken the words of that wonderful writer, W.H. Auden. This is what I really want to say.’
He reads from a book.
He was my North, my South, my East an West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

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