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Football - history - Referat


Football spread through Europe from north (England) to the south(Italia). England: In the 10.century there were “Football fights“ between England and Scotland. In the 12.century is the existence from football documentarily proved. 1314 football became in London and later in whole England because of the brutality ban.
France:  1530 was football at first played in France. The name was “houle” and later “soule”. The player must shoot a ball over church. On the other side a player from the other team must catch the ball and run through the town door from the other team. 1538 football became ban in churches and monasteries. Than the people played football in the towns and so 1540 football became ban in whole France.
Italia: In Italia football was at first played at 17 February 1550 in Florenz when the town was besieged from Karl 5. There the people shot balls on the soldiers. The ball was made of leather and straw. The people played already at two goals and these goals were church doors, town doors and house doors. The players played so rough that there were very often injured and sometimes death persons. 1740 the first rules were written down.

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